Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busy Beavers, err, Farmers!

Well, between the doggy in "rehab", the ocassional tornado, holidays, this year's "Kids Day on the Farm", doctor appointments, catching chickens, dumping chickens, a family reunion at our house, planting our garden, and some yardwork, I'm way behind on my blogging! Since most of that is behind me and things will be slowing down (I hope!) for a while, hopefully I can catch up! 

Anyways, here's whats been happening on the farm!
 We finished "burn down,"
Which basically means we sprayed all the weeds in the field.
We're working on getting our drystack cleaned out...
 and all our chicken litter spread.
Thanks to the rain we've been having, getting stuck is a common occurence around here.
 We finally finished planting all of our corn.
 We only planted 98 acres of corn because we're not big grain farmers. We normally only plant corn in our fields that aren't suitable for cotton or peanuts.
 This is the first year Lance is using his new 8-row planter, so of course I had to ride to check it out. 
 For a while there, I think we blew every hydraulic line, had a  leak in every tank, and had about 300 flat tires. Maybe not that many.
Now we're on to planting cotton and peanuts! I think we're aiming for 160 acres of peanuts and 700 acres of cotton. We've got a long ways to go and a short time to get there, I'm eastbound just watch ol' Bandit run...uh, I mean, wish us luck!


  1. Glad to hear for you. You guys have been busy and have lots more to do....
    Run Stephanie Run !

    Pray your home was not damaged in the tornado and hope your neighbors are all okay.

  2. You're fortunate to be able to even plant anything with all the rain you've had. Hardly anything is planted around here and what is planted may be flooded out in parts of the area. We've had WAY too much rain and it's REALLY hurting the farmers. I hope things slow down for you guys soon. How's Wiggley and how are YOU Lil Mama? ((HUGS))

  3. Nothing like keeping busy to wear a body out. If it ever stops raining here, we'll get more done. At least it finally stopped snowing. Hopefully, you won't have anymore tornado fun.

  4. We're trying to plant too, but the ground is too dang hard is most places! We need rain -- bad!! Glad y'all are almost through!

  5. Just found your blog! Love it!

    So sad for all those effected by tornadoes, thats plumb scary!!
    I wish we could get some rain, it's horribly dry!! All in God's hands though. :)

    Farming blogs remind me of home, sometimes I miss it, sometimes I don't... the farming that is. ;)