Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lost and Found

It has been about a month since the horrible tornadoes that hit Alabama and across the south. If you missed my post on how close it was to us, click here. Ever since then, we have been finding stuff in our fields. A lot of it has been roofing materials and insulation, but we have also found some other interesting items. Lance found part of the guts of a laptop computer, and we've found all these photos and even a check.

 I have been posting these photos on the Facebook page Pictures and Documents found after the April 27, 2011 Tornadoes, and this one was actually claimed! The guy who contacted me said this was his dad and his grandmother's house had been hit in Pleasant Grove, AL. I believe thats about 2 hours from here. Anyways, they had been finding a lot of her pictures posted on the site and were going to surprise her with a photo album.

 I really wish we had found some of these pictures sooner because I'm sure the sun did a lot of damage to them while they were laying out there in our fields.

This check was written in 1986. I googled the address of this business and it looks to be in the direct path of the tornado when it went through Tuscaloosa (about 3 hours from here).

As we've been finding these pictures, I look at them and wonder, are those people still alive? Is that neighborhood still there? I wish I knew the stories behind these pictures.  I hope some more of them get claimed, it could be all these people have left!


  1. What a great thing to find who belongs to those photos. It might be the only things they have left from the tornadoes. It's just astonishing how far things were blown around.

  2. Bless your heart for trying to find the owners of those pictures! That truly would be a blessing to me if I had lost mine like that. One reason I like posting a lot of pictures on my blog because if something were to happen I would at least have those pictures.

    Hope the owners find you and find their pictures!

  3. What a great idea that Facebook page is! So glad for the picture that was claimed and the album somebody is making for a Mother who lost so much!
    Hope you are all ok there!

  4. Fascinating! It's a shame something so terrible had to be behind it.

  5. Wow! That is so crazy! I hope they are all claimed too.