Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Planting is Officially Complete!

We finally finished planting a couple of weeks ago, but I've been too busy to share any pictures!

 We ended up planting 700 acres of cotton.
 This is Lance mixing talc with the cotton seed. Talc helps the seed to stay seperated and flow through the planter more easily.
 We run 4-row planters because of the size of our fields and the way they lay. We have a lot of smaller fields and a lot of terraces in our fields.
Lance did plant some corn with an 8-row planter this year, but I'm not sure if he liked it or not. I think he wants to sell it.
 In one of my last posts, I said that we had planted 98 acres of corns. This is what it looks like now.  Well, some of it. This is definitely not one of our better looking fields of corn, but it was where I was at with the camera.
 Our cotton is looking good so far.
 We could definitely use some rain though. We've had 6/10ths of an inch in about 3 weeks. And that was only on the fields right around our house. It also hasn't been below 95 in those 3 weeks either.
 Here's our peanuts. The ground is so hard between the rows that we're going to have to plow the middles to get the peanut vines to peg.
We planted 160 acres of peanuts. 10 of those acres are spanish peanuts. Those are the kind you get that has the red skin on them.
 Now that everything has been planted, it's time to start spraying the weeds in the fields again!
 We've about caught up with everything that needs spraying. Some of the last cotton that we planted hasn't even been rained on, so the chemical that we spray out while we are planting hasn't activated yet, so we have to wait on that. One reason I don't have pictures of the 35 acres of soybeans yet, is because they haven't had any rain either.
Once we're done with the spraying, we can start bush hogging around the fields!
The fun never ends down on the farm!


  1. what variety are the rest of your peanuts? I was raised on a peanut farm...we raised Spanish and (flo)Runners. I can still smell them! Lots of spraying, and lots of was all hand-moved irrigation, but it was also a lot of fun.
    We planted milo and it's being irrigated right now. So dry here.

  2. Good deal! Its lookin' good! :)

  3. We plant mostly a virginia type peanut. And we don't have one drop of irrigation on any of our farm land, lol.