Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Little Beach Trip...

Hello Hello? Is this thing on? It's been a ridiculously busy summer, so I'm way behind on blogging about what's been happening! Earlier in June, we took our yearly vacation to the Smokies, but this year we had a bonus vacation! To the beach! This was only possibly because we went to the Southern Peanut Growers Conference at Edgewater Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, FL! (Thank goodness for conferences!) It was Reed's first trip to the beach, and my parents went to babysit him while we were in meetings. When we weren't in meetings, here's the fun stuff we did...

Reed loved the splash pad at the hotel!

We also took him to his first amusement part-Miracle Strip! I've been going there since I was little, but it closed in 2004. Someone else has slowly started buying the old rides back and building it back, so exciting! Reed really enjoyed it! And so did I! Not sure about Lance though, lol).

What beach trip would be complete without an airbrushed t shirt??

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Camper Re-do!

So, if you read my blog back in June about our vacation to the Smokies, you will remember that we got a "new" camper. In the months leading up to our first trip, I spent a good bit of time redecorating and organizing it! Here's my before and after pictures. Beware, there's a lot!
Before: Living and Dining room (note the ugly fabric pattern, it was everywhere! Couch, curtains, bench cushions, wall border, bedroom) 

 Before: Bedroom (or as we call it, Reed's room)

Before: Bathroom 

 Before: Master Bedroom (there's that ugly pattern again!)
And now for the afters...
Living and Dining Room.
As you can see, I removed every bit of that wall border, replaced the curtains, recovered the dining benches with striped plastic table cloths (easy to wipe!), and covered the couch with a fitted sheet (easy to throw in washer!).

Here is a better picture of the couch. It can fold into a bed, so having a sheet over it works great! 

Here's the entertainment center in the living room. We bought a new tv, Lance fixed the radio/cd player, and I added storage boxes for the remote and dvds.
Above the couch/dining table are 4-5 cabinets. I organized all of them with tubs. Each cabinet has something different stored in it. Left to right we have, office supplies/user manuals, spare lightbulbs/batteries, flashlights/Kleenex, games, and so far an empty cabinet on far right!
Due to an *ahem* electrical mishap, we had to get a new microwave. I found some stick on stainless steel backsplash on clearance at Lowes, added the paper towel holder, hung the new curtains and peeled more ugly wall border off. 

The fridge was wooden. I painted it with chalkboard paint. Makes a great place to write lists! 

Here's the pantry. I also painted the center of the doors with chalkboard paint. I just haven't decided what to write on them yet! All the cabinets have kitchen storage containers in them. I kept breads/cooking supplies in the top cabinet, snacks/side dishes in the middle cabinet, and the bottom I keep a stockpile of extra paper plates/cups/silverware/plastic bags/laundry soap/clothes pins/etc... You can see my broom and dust pan hanging on the side.
This is my upper kitchen cabinet. I added some shelves for storage to hold all my plates/cups/bowls/etc. I have my measuring cups hanging on the door. 

I got drawer dividers for my silverware, I keep all my cooking utensils in the middle drawer, and the bottom drawer has kitchen towels/dish cloths.

I keep my pots and pans in the cabinet under the stove. I didn't take a picture, but I keep a pyrex dish and a couple of cookie sheets in the oven.

In these tubs under the sink, I keep my dish mat and soap and cleaner/cleaning rags.

This is the cabinet by the door. I keep things you might need outside stored in this cabinet...paper towels/bug spray/sunscreen/lighter...
 Reed's Room
I put a different colored fitted sheet on each bunk. While we were cleaning out my grandmother's house, we came across enough spare pillows and quilts to use on the beds.
Here's a better picture of one side. I also bought some cheap blankets for each bed when you don't need a quilt.
 This is really hard to see cause of the bright sun, but I made curtains out of pillow cases for all four windows. This side has blue/green pin striping, and the other side has red/tan plaid. I used that iron on tape to turn the cases into curtains, so easy!

I added plastic drawers for clothes and baskets for toys in his closet.

We added shelving for towels and moved the hand towel holder. 

I bought a new shower curtain. 

Added baskets to store toiletries in.

More baskets in our medicine cabinet for things we use every day.
Master Bedroom
 Ugly bedding? Gone! I replaced it with an older comforter I had, and the "decorative" pillow is the case from the sheet on the couch. I took down the head board and replaced it with a picture from Hobby Lobby. I left the picture on the cardboard it came on, but instead of a frame, I lined it with rope.
Added storage in our closets too.

I made these curtains for both bedroom windows. I bought a bundle of fat squares (squares of random fabric) at Walmart in the color scheme I was going for and cut them into strips. Just tie them to the curtain rod, and tada! Curtains!

More cheap artwork from Hobby Lobby. I had to have it.
Inside isn't the only place I organized! 

I organized each outside storage bin. Each bin has a "purpose". There's one for camper setup, sewer hookup, camp chairs, campsite set up, tools, etc...

Each tub is labeled with what is inside to make it easier to find.
If that wasn't enough organization for you, I have a "master" book where I have the contents of each cabinet inside and each bin outside. Nothing should ever get lost! Unless I lose that book, lol.
Hope you enjoyed my "Camper Re-do!"

Monday, June 23, 2014

Smokies Vacation!

We've had one heck of a busy Summer! Between planting, spraying, chickens, Vacation Bible School, meetings, and about a bazillion other things, we needed a vacation! We spent last week in the Smoky Mountains, our favorite place to go! Last fall, we got a great deal on a used travel trailer, and we've been itching to use it. This was our maiden voyage! We stayed at Up the Creek Campground right outside Pigeon Forge. It is very quiet, has a creek, and there's lots of room between sites. Here's some of the pictures from our trip!

 On our way!
Right after we got camp set up, it poured down rain. Lance got soaked. We passed the time by playing with toys and putting puzzles together! 

We had plans to roast weenies for supper the first night, but everything was soaking wet. We ate at Timberwood Grill at "The Island," and Reed had his first ride on a carousel!

The next day we spent in Cades Cove. We picnicked, visited with the stable horses, and saw deer and turkey!

 No camping trip is complete without Jiffy Pop!
On day three, we went to the Rainforest Zoo!  

The zoo is not very expensive, but it has a lot of neat animals. Best of all it's air-conditioned!
I know this pic is really blurry, so let me explain. This is Reed at the monkey habitat. He is holding his "Baby" up to the window. (Baby is a bear blanket, lol). Every time he would hold it up, the monkeys would go crazy shrieking, running around, even throwing fruit. It was so funny!

 That night we rode the trolley into Gatlinburg and walked around town.

 We finally got to have a campfire!
And smores! Or as Reed calls them "marshmallow with crackers." 

 The day before we left, we went to the Exotic Deer Farm and Petting Zoo. If you're noticing a pattern here, Reed is really big into animals! He loved petting the goats. One goat is trying to eat Lance's shorts, lol.
You could go in and pet the goats and deer, but be sure to leave the feed at the gate! 

I believe Lance and this camel have the same expression.
And Reed's most favorite part of the trip, his first pony ride! All he ever talks about is being a cowboy and horses. I have a feeling this won't be the last ride!