Monday, May 22, 2017

A Santa Birthday Party

Yes, I know. Another late post. I promise this is my last one from six months ago. My next one will be why I am too busy to keep this thing updated regularly, haha.

Back in December, my mom turned 60. The year before, my dad turned 60, and I surprised him with a surprise party. Of course, I had to give my mom one too. I'm pretty sure she was half expecting one. You can't fool this woman. She's known everything I've ever done. Even before I did it. This was a hard party to pull off. I even thought about having it in about October to really fool her. What I ended up doing was having the party two weeks before her birthday and involving lots of other people and making up a lot of lies. HA! By golly, it worked!

Here's the details of the party...
My uncle cut out a wooden Santa hat, and my grandmother painted it. All the guests signed it.
Lots and lots of Santa decorations! Did you notice the Santa belts on the table? They are made from black table cloths and yellow scrapbook paper!
My Aunt made her cake. It's made out of cupcakes.
She also made this cake. My mom collects Santa Clauses and Pillsbury Doughboys. She had asked for a Doughboy cake for her birthday. Well, she got one...with a Santa hat on.
Reindeer Chow. It's just snack mix with white chocolate chips melted in it.
Santa Hats. Brownies/White Icing/Strawberries
I had a love/hate relationship with ol' Santa here. He's made out of frozen bread dough. I'm pretty sure it ranks up there with birthing kids, college math, and showing up to work at the courthouse in terms of the hardest things I've ever done. His beard wasn't exactly supposed to be covered in mozerella cheese, but after it took like three loaves of bread to form him, he was too fat and too close to the top of the oven. In other words, poor Santa got sunburned. I'm glad he at least looks like Santa. Maybe Chernobyl Santa.
M&Ms. Self explanatory.
Santa Cheeseball.  It's a cranberry cheeseball. I picked cranberry because the cranberries could be used to make Santa's hat. You can find this recipe under my recipe tab ^^.
Milk and Cookies for Santa, duh!
Our drink table included water, Christmas Punch (recipe also under recipe tab ^^), hot chocolate and coffee with all the fixings (marshmallows, peppermint, chocolate chips, etc).
And there's the birthday girl! It was a miracle we pulled it off, but it happened. So don't expect it again. LOL.