Monday, September 24, 2012

Organizing the Office!

abfolbuttonOrganizing Made Fun
I'm still plugging along getting the house organized...I better hurry, harvest time is coming up quick! This week has been my favorite room organization so far, well, until next week, lol. It's the office! I have always had my office pretty organized, ocassionally the desk gets out of control, but this week motivated me to change up some stuff and get some things done in there that I've been wanting done for a while. Anyways, here are the pictures!
 Here is a picture of the room itself. A very dark picture, thanks to the glare from the window.
 As you can see, I have this room decorated with University of Alabama stuff. Roll Tide! This table is used for arts and crafts projects and is where Lance uses his computer sometimes.
 On this bookshelf, I have Alabama memoribilia (obviously, lol), but I also have books too. The bottom shelves hold some of our old college textbooks. The middle shelves have some of our yearbooks and magazines. I have two magazine holders, one for me, one for Lance. When they get full, we go through them and decide what to throw away. No more old magazines everywhere!

 Here is my desk area. I just painted my bulletin board the other day! I keep a basket on my desk to put receipts. I keep bills that need paying in a mail organizer. Also on the desk are the standard desk supplies, but I do keep my rubber bands corralled in a small mason jar. Each desk drawer stores a different category of items. One houses computer stuff, one checkbooks, one envelopes for mailing, and one has all the current years paid bills and bank statements. I file important papers in the top drawer on the blue filing cabinet, and printer paper in the bottom drawer.
 This is whats in the wooden filing cabinet. I have made a folder for each type of instruction manual we have in our house. That way, when we need to figure out how to work something, change something, or clean something, I can go to whatever category that item is in, and find the manual. No more searching everywhere or losing them. When I get rid of something, I also make sure I get rid of the manual too.

This is my antique mail desk. It keeps my packing tape, stamps, address books, address labels, blank cards, Christmas cards, thank you cards, etc. 

This is my favorite part of the office, the closet! 

 Instead of spending a lot of money on bins to organize with, I bought a pack of banker boxes. They match, and you can add a label! I keep things I don't use often on the top shelf. There's a box of old house phones (we took out our home phone line, we keep them in case we ever decide to reconnect), computer accessories (like blank cds), a travel box (we keep our maps and travel pamphlets here), and a box for old taxes. The old taxes box contains the three oldest years of taxes we have (6, 5, and 4 years ago). I keep each year in a seperate expanding folder, that way when it gets time to get rid of them, it is all together, and I can take them out and burn them!
 My next shelf has art supplies. One day I will get matching boxes, but for now I'm using mostly old wipe containers to store my pens, pencils, markers, etc.
 This is the rest of my art supply shelf. I found most of these containers at Walmart for $1.00. I keep craft paint, art supplies, hot glue supplies, adhesives, and tape in them. Those buckets hanging up are actually from our wedding six years ago! They hold paint brushes, scissors, and rulers.
 Here's more of those banker boxes. They hold wreath deco (I make wreaths out of cotton bolls), ribbon, paper (writing paper, and notepads), and scrapbook paper.
I keep my mailing boxes/packing material in the left corner, and I have a box labeled current projects. It keeps me from having to put up everything I'm working on, and I can just pull out that box when I have some free time (ha!). I'm currently working on Reed's scrapbook. The storage container holds the tax paperwork that isn't old enough to be stored in that box on the top shelf yet. We farm, and our taxes are a doozie, so recent years tax items need to be accessible.
There you have it, my organized office! Roll Tide!


  1. You must be verrrry proud of yourself. Were you wearing your new muck boots while you performed this miracle? ;) Heard about your win! Congrats going and coming!

  2. You did a really great job. I like your idea of bankers boxes! I'm doing the challenge too (but I'm still in the kitchen!).

  3. A closet in the fortunate thing...and that antique desk...double fortune.

  4. Good for you for keeping that office organised! The office supplies you have surely need those storage boxes and shelves!

  5. I can tell why the closet is your favorite part of the office space. It looks magnificent! Great job!!

  6. Your organising skills are tremendous. Thank you for inspiring readers to do the same.

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  8. Congrats on cleaning up the office clutter! The closet looks amazing. I'm pretty sure you reused some of the containers, so I'm just wondering how much it cost you to organize all the stuff? And how did you dispose of the paper clutter? Have you considered recycling them? I guess that would be easier if you had a shredder. Anyway, nice organizing skills and creativity! Hope to see more clutter cleaning projects like these in the future!

    Curtis Pilon @

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