Sunday, September 30, 2012

Corn Harvest 2012

We've been finished harvesting corn for almost a month now, so it's definitely time to share some pictures from Corn Harvest 2012!

We had a warm Spring this year, so we got to plant the corn in April, which is a little earlier than nomal. That means it was ready in August, also a little earlier than normal.

 This was Reed's first ride in a combine. He loved it! Well, he loves riding in all kinds of tractors!
We only had about 155 acres of corn this year, so it didn't take us very long to combine it. We only plant corn where cotton and peanuts do not grow very well.
 We had a dry spell during the summer, which really hurt our yields. We averaged  about 60 bushels per acre.  Some farms yielded more, some less.
The farms we rent have a lot of terraces (very hilly) and are spread out all over the place, so that keeps us from being able to irrigate, so we really depend on the rain. . A lot of corn farmers were affected by the drought this year.
 If you would like to learn more about corn harvest, check out this post from last year!
I snapped this picture of our neighbor harvesting his fields at the same time we were!
We're now disking up our corn ground and getting it ready to be planted in wheat!

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  1. Chester loves riding in any tractor / combine as long as it doesn't have auto steer, cause he can't drive. :) Sounds like your corn did about like ours. We have been working up some ground here too and planting some wheat for cattle pasture.