Thursday, October 4, 2012

Organizing the Laundry Room

Back at it again! This week it's the laundry room! 

Here's the room, complete with glaring window, lol. To the left (behind the door you can't see) is my pantry, and there's the freezer beside it. Those were organized a couple of weeks ago, so pretend they aren't there!

To the right of the freezer, I have two shelves.  Top shelf holds small coolers, lunch boxes, and water jugs. I have 4 boxes on my bottom shelf (which I'll tell you more about under the next pic). I have a box for storage (ziploc bags, aluminum foil, etc), paper goods (napkins, tissue, paper towels), toilet paper (uh, toilet paper), and disposable serveware (plastic forks, paper plates, party napkins, etc).

Now, back to the boxes! I needed some storage boxes, but didn't want to spend the money. I also wanted whatever I used to match. One thing a house with a 14 month old has is an over abundance of diaper boxes! I took 2 large paint drop cloths (papery on one side, plasticy on the other, yeah, that explains a lot, lol), and cut it to fit 8 diaper boxes. Didn't measure or anything. Who has time for that anyways? I attached it to the box with hot glue. I got 2 yards of 2 different color fabrics from Walmart (from the already cut, looks like spare fabric section), cut it to fit around the top, and hot glued it too. I thought it needed something else, so I added some ribbon. The ribbon doesn't even go all the way around the box, but you can't tell! I made the label out of scrapbook paper, a label maker, and a laminator. Tada! Cheap storage!

The other 4 boxes are on a shelf above my washer and dryer. I did opposite colors on these 4 boxes from the other, just to get crazy. These boxes store fabric freshener/vacuum parts, germ fighters (lysol, hand sanitizer), laundry soap making supplies, and swiffer refills. The 2 buckets on the left are what I make my laundry soap in, and the green thing is an apple bank where I poke change that I find. There's an antique washboard hanging above.

Under the shelf hangs all my mops, brooms, etc.

Under the mop sink (which is to the right in my first picture), I have 2 baskets. One for dirty cleaning rags, and the other for dish rags/bibs/kitchen towels. Our hampers are in our bedroom and bathroom, so when something in the kitchen needed washing, it would usually end up on top of the washer. Not anymore!

I have 2 upper cabinets. This one is above the mop sink and houses my cleaning supplies. Way out of reach of Reed, and out of sight.

This cabinet is above my dryer, and is hard to reach without a stool. Since its in a cabinet, I used whatever boxes I could find. On the top shelf, one box holds air fresheners, the other box holds candles and scentsy refills. I also keep spare light bulbs here. The bottom shelf has my spare kitchen towels that I got for Christmas, and also a tub that has weather radios and spare flash lights.
Next week...master bedroom!


  1. Awesome! I love the feeling of having organised a room at home! So liberating :)

  2. Lol Now I feel silly, go read my reply to you on my blog! haha I understand what you were saying now about the "boxes"! I thought you meant like a box, for dirty diapers. LOL can you tell it has been a long day! Those came out super cute! I will have to see if we still have some lying around. If not I am sure it would work with the postal boxes I have in the shed. Great Idea! i will have to do a future post with your soon too, cause I need some storage bins...and this is cheap and easy for me. :)

  3. Love what you did with the boxes!