Thursday, October 11, 2012

Organizing the Master Bedroom

 This week's challenge-the master bedroom!
This is a shot of the whole room. I didn't have to do a whole lot in here, just declutter some "hot spots."

I went through our night stands and put some things where they really needed to go. My side is on the left, Lance is on the right. That is a chest at the end of the bed.

I have been working on keeping our dresser clean for a while now.  I cleaned out a drawer on Lance's side of the bathroom, so he could de-junk his side.
We compromised. He moved some stuff to the drawer, and he gets to keep this stuff. 

I hang my necklaces on these old moonshine jugs. I keep my bracelets on a coke bottle. That cord is for Reed's baby monitor.

Here's the "sitting area" of our bedroom. The house plans originally called for a fireplace right in the middle, but we didn't think we needed it, so that is why this room is so large. Yes, that is a log in the floor. We found it about 5 years ago while camping in the Smokies. It makes a great foot stool. Matches the decor.

If you notice, we have two doors to the bedroom. The one on the left goes into the living room. The one on the right goes down the hall way.  I went through the dresser/chest of drawers and refolded my clothes and got rid of some. I'm not allowed to touch Lance's clothes, lol. That's Lance's gun cabinet on the right. I straightened it up and gave it a good dusting inside.

Here's the inside of my tv stand. I keep spare picture frames on the top shelf. On the bottom shelf I keep all of our cameras/video cameras.

Now, I normally would not share this drawer, but I love those drawer dividers that I found! I can keep a section for bras, a section for undies, and a section for socks without them getting all jumbled up!
Hope you enjoyed this peek into my undie drawer, I mean master bedroom!


  1. I LOVE your furniture! And your room looks so comfortable!
    The drawer dividers look hand, where did you find them?

  2. What a great room! What are those dividers? My almost-12-year-old daughter SHOULD be able to keep her drawers tidy, but cannot seem to manage...and I wonder if that might help. She's new to the World Of Bras, and is using their non-conforming nature as an excuse to shove socks, underwear and bras into that drawer!

  3. I love how much space you have in your room! I would love to have a "sitting" area in my room, but it is way too small :( I got a set of those organizers from lowes. I only bought one pack, to see if I like them, and now I want more! Great job!

  4. Thanks yall! I got them from either walmart or lowes! They are just long pieces of hard plastic that can be adjusted to fit your drawers !

  5. what a wonderful bedroom you have..its very relaxing and spacious..i love the furniture that you used, very artistic