Friday, October 19, 2012

Organizing the Linen Closet

Organizing Made Fun
This week it was time to organize the linen closet! I took it a step further and organized the rest of my hall closets! I do have five of them! That was one reason we loved this house plan, lots of closets!
 Here's my linen closet. On shelf #1, we have folded quilts and rolled blankets for the bed. They are easier to grab when they are rolled because you don't pull the whole stack down on your head! Shelf #2 has two covered diaper boxes. One holds beach towels, and the other one holds spare pillow cases and sheets. I also have a spare mattress cover that I rolled and tied up with a ribbon. Shelf #3 has my sheet sets. Flannel/T-shirt material sheets on the left, regular sheets on the right. They are folded and stored in their pillow case. Shelf #4 has bath towels and hand towels. I keep a few in each bathroom, so this is overflow. On the floor is a blow up mattress and a bagged spare comforter.

 This is my walk-in hall closet. The tubs hold keepsakes from when we were babies/in school, and some of our wedding things. We will eventually go through them. The shelf holds board games on the left, and on the right is where I keep gift bags. I never have to buy gift bags or tissue paper because I'm one of those crazy savers. I keep a large bag for each ocassion (Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, Baby) and it holds all the smaller bags and rolls of wrapping paper. When I get ready to wrap something, I just pull down the bag that goes with the ocassion! The top storage box on the floor is where I keep my tissue paper, boxes, name tags, and ribbon.
 This walk in closet has no light, so sorry the picture is so dark. It holds my iron/ironing board, vaccuum, and suitcases. I keep duffel bags on the top shelf.
 This is one of my favorite things that we did when we built our house. On the other side of this closet is the tv in the living room. We ran all the wires through the wall and keep all the DirecTv receivers, dvd player, etc in here. We can keep all those cords hidden in this closet instead of showing in the living room. A small receiver on a bookshelf in the living room sends our signals through the wall. There are "spare parts" for things throughout the house, and extension cords in those boxes on the floor. We also keep a tool box in this closet.
And lastly, here is our coat closet. I have a box on top for "wet weather" (umbrellas, etc) and one for "cold weather" (gloves, hats, etc).
That's it for this week, phew!


  1. Great job! I am now thinking I need more closets! We only have the closets in our bedrooms. My husband talked me out of making a coat closet and a linen closet. We didn't need them when it was just the 2 of us! lol I need them now!

  2. Great job!

  3. very nice :) I'm going to ask my daughter to save diaper boxes for me - I can use them in so many places. thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I roll some of my linens just because they fit better in some spaces that way; hadn't thought about the fact that you're less likely to have a linens avalanche on your head using that method. Good point.

    I also like the idea of storing gift bags within gift bags. I've been trying to come up with some ideas for a better way of organizing our gift wrap supplies. Right now they're just in a drawer.

    And I absolutely love Wiggley. :)