Thursday, August 3, 2017

PCB 2017

The week after the 4th of July, the kids and I loaded up with my parents and went to Panama City Beach. Lance didn't get to come cause we were selling chickens the day of and the day after we left. He hates the beach anyway, so no big deal, lol.
This was both kid's first summer vacation to the beach that didn't involve a peanut conference.

 The obligatory "we're at the beach on the balcony" picture.

 The kids loved the beach.

 They loved the water even more. I bought both of them a boogie board. Reed turned into a little surfer dude, and Jade could've floated on hers all day long.
 It showered occasionally, but we got to see a few pretty rainbows from it.
 One day we took a pirate cruise. I highly recommend it if you have kids!

 The kids swabbed the deck, had water gun fights, sword fights, found buried treasure, had a conga line, did the chicken dance. It was a lot of fun.

 And you can't go to the beach without visiting an amusement park and racing some go karts. Jade wasn't tall enough to ride anything, but Reed rode a few rides with me and got to drive a go kart for the first time!

What's a beach trip without airbrush shirts? It was a great trip and hope we can do it again next year! And maybe one of these years Lance might join us. 😂


  1. Nice article as well as whole site.Thanks for sharing.

  2. I saw the article in a 2010 Farm and Ranch living and just wondered how you both were doing. 132,000 chicks for your first wedding anniversary..... wow