Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nurse Henry

When Wiggley got hurt last week, Henry thought he would pitch in and help since it wasn't too long ago when he was injured himself. I was a bit leery since trouble seems to follow Henry around, but I agreed.

Henry got things started off right by giving Wiggley a good ol' belly rub.

Aack! Watch out for that cast!

 Henry soon discovered he really enjoyed nap time.

He did not enjoy feeding time.
"Hey! That's my arm! Not a Milkbone!"

Henry decided he should try to straighten Wiggley's bed...

But soon turned into Wiggley's pillow instead.

Whew! Cleanup time was also a bit iffy.

 Thankfully, Wiggley was able to get his right cast removed this week, and Wiggley was able to drag Henry Henry was able to walk Wiggley.

Uhhh...Uh oh.

 "Wiggley, come back!"

 Henry also flirted with screened all of Wiggleys visitors for germs.

All in all, I think Henry had a successful first "nursing" job.
Good Job Henry.


  1. Awwwwwe, he will make a good nurse yet....just please warn me if he's ever going to take care of me!

  2. Are y'all hiring? He's got his resume ready!

  3. You will have a built-in baby sitter when Baby Miller arrives. I SO love reading about Henry's life-how adorable (and his missus has an awesome sense of humor too). Btw---boy or girl or don't you want to know?

  4. We are supposed to find out in a couple of weeks! I wouldn't be able to stand not knowing, lol.

  5. Very happy to see Wiggly is doing well.