Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get Well Soon, Wiggley!

Yesterday, Wiggley had a minor mishap.
 Or make that, major mishap.  That would be an x-ray of his right "elbow". It's a bit dislocated. He also has a broken left leg, but that x-ray didn't look quite as interesting as this one.

You see, Wiggley and his best buddy/neighbor, Peewee (pictured below), love to chase squirrels. Well, this particular squirrel decided to dart across the road in front of a truck doing about 90, who never even checked up. Wiggley survived. Peewee did not.

 ***R.I.P. Peewee***

 It's a bit difficult for him to sit himself up to eat right now.

And well, lets just say he won't be hiking his leg anytime soon either. 
He has to go back to the vet in 10 days, and he's currently on painkillers.

Remember, just  because you may be on an empty country road, doesn't mean you should speed. There could be anything around the next corner, dogs, kids, livestock, broken down tractors...
And by the way, if you happen to hit someone's dog, make that, 2 dogs, at least stop. Don't be a jackass and act like you didn't notice.


  1. Oh my woodness, I'm so sorry Wiggley.
    I say a prAy for You. Wooks kike You have some good peeps take care of you.

    mR. pUDDlEs
    (dont tell mom I on her puter)

  2. Calm that language daughter. So you get to take care of a baby of a different type for now. Good practice


  3. I live down a dirt road, and when my Molly girl took off to the open pasture, I bolted after her praying the whole time that no one would speed or even drive my way.

    I am praying for your doggie, and so sorry to hear about his buddy.

  4. your words don't bother me a bit( in response to your mom's comment)...i understand your pain and i am hearbroken that your baby has to suffer due to a selfish loser who cares nothing but for himself. i am so sorry for peewee. how sad. i pray your baby heals 100 percent and has gained a new respect for the road...poor little thing!

  5. OMG I am sorry for the loss of Peewee. I am glad to see that Wiggly is going to pull through. What kind of a jerk doesnt stop :(

  6. This just makes me sad. Poor Pee-wee. I do hope Wiggley heals quickly.

  7. Aww, poor Wiggley. I do anything possible short of wrecking myself to keep from hitting ANY animal let alone somebody's beloved pet. I hope he heals quickly. RIP, Pee-Wee. How are YOU feeling lil mama?

  8. Oh my, so sorry for you. Praying he heals quickly and for peace for you in the absence of PeeWee.