Friday, September 10, 2010

Henry puts Hank in Charge

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Just the other day, Henry was going about his business on the farm as usual...working on tractors, checking the crops, and paying the bills.
He decided he also needed to check the feed bins at the chicken houses.
When some strong winds came through, things didn't go quite as Henry had planned.
and now he's laid up in the bed nursing his wounds. Since Henry is unable to work at the moment, he decided to put Hank in charge of the farm.
So, he handed Hank the farm keys and credit card, which was to only be used in case of emergency.
Since Hank was now in charge of the farm, he couldn't possibly walk everywhere, and there was this shiny green tractor down at the John Deere store he had been eyeballing, and since this was an emergency...
Look at your cool new wheels, Hank! He's ready for some farming action now!
Let's go! Time to make Henry proud.
That cotton looks quite intimidating, maybe you should just go around the field, Hank.
The peanuts also proved to be a little difficult to manuever.
While Hank was flipping his tractor back over, he discovered some deer tracks in the peanut field! Oh, no! Deer will eat up all of Henry's peanuts!
Hank?! Hank?! Where are you....oh, you were looking for the deer.  Let's just keep making the farm rounds okay?
Just like a farmer! Ran off the road while looking at the crops! Hank, you knocked down half the pecan tree! Why don't we try some farm work outside the tractor cab?
So much for helping Lance wash the cotton picker. That hose is blowing Hank all over the place!
Oh, look. Hank found a Hank-sized watermelon!
Hank! I told you not to bring that honey mustard into the chicken houses!
While Hank was up at the chicken houses, he decided to finish what Henry started earlier...checking the feed bins.
Nooo! Haaaannnnkkk!
Those gusts of wind will get you everytime.
Looks like Lance is back in charge of the farm for now. It's probably for the best anyways.


  1. baha! This is fantastic! Love the shot with the credit cards and the keys....:) You made my day..

  2. Too funny....well, not funny that both Henry AND Hank are out of service. Hoping for a speedy recovery for both of your *ahem* helpers!

  3. There's nothing I like better than the adventures of Henry and Hank. You are SO creative! Funnnnnny!

  4. Cute post. Hope they both mend quickly.
    Also I tried your Redneck Caviar yesterday and it was a big hit.

  5. Aww-poor lil guys. Things will be dull around there while they both heal up. ((Hugs)) for them both! You write such funny stuff with awesome pictures-what a talent. SO looking forward to your Oct. FARM&RANCH diary.

  6. lol....poor Henery and Hank, I hope the get better soon!

    I just love your Henry and Hank stories they crack me up!!!!

  7. i just came across your blog when i saw a link from alabama slacker wife. i am crazy about sock monkeys. i love their adventures!!