Friday, May 8, 2009

Kids Day on the Farm!

On Thursday, the Blount County Young Farmers held the 7th Annual "Kids Day on the Farm". It's held at the Oneonta Agribusiness Center, which is where the county fair, rodeos and many other events are held. All the 2nd graders in the county get to come experience "farm life". The kids get to see many types of cattle, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, hogs, and chickens. There are old tractors, corn shellers, grist mills, honeybees, and even an aquaculture demonstration. We put a lot of work into this day, but it's worth it because many of these kids have no idea where their food comes from, except the grocery store. Here's some pictures!

Look kids! It's two real life farmers!

This is a Mama Cenepol and her calf.

This sow looks like she's suffering from swine flu! (I'm just kidding, don't panic)

These sheep are used for their wool. See the naked one in the middle?

This is a Racking Horse. It's the official horse of Alabama. When he trots, his legs lift high off the ground, and only one foot touches the ground at a time. It's supposed to be one of the most comfortable horses to ride, but looks a little strange to me.
Here's a donkey (looking a little stubborn) and the rest of the animals in the background.
This is a table full of small farm animals, such as kittens, chickens, rabbits, and quail.

This is a corn sheller, and in the background is a hand well pump and washboard.

The honeybee demonstration.
Old Case tractors.

This is the corn sheller and grist mill. We brought a bag of shelled yellow corn for him to grind for the kids.

Here's the corn meal coming out of the mill. What happened to all of the corn meal you ask?

All 50 lbs went home with us! Yikes! Looks like we'll be eating cornbread for oh, say the next 5 years!


  1. That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! Next year, I want an invite!! (You don't think I could pass for a second grader, could I???)

    I will see you tomorrow!! (Won't I?)

    {{{HUGS}}} (wait, I just remembered, you don't do hugs....maybe I should change yours to ((WAVES)) LOL

    Robin :o)

  2. I enjoyed the pics, Steph. Brough back lots of memories of my grandfather's farm.

    Of course, it also made me remember chasing headless chickens in the barnyard. And pulling corn in August. Yuck.

    I don't blame you for getting all that cornmeal --- that's gold, young lady. Enjoy.

  3. Where in the heck have I been? I just noticed that I haven't read about 3 of your post! I would love to take my kids to something like that! Oh I do hope the pig is better from the "swine flu"! LMAO!!!!

    You can always send of that corn meal this way...but I am so late, you probably have gotten rid of it...It would only take a few days to get here...