Wednesday, May 13, 2009


#&*$@ #%^#!^ ^&&#$# (&^%$#
%^##%^# ^%$##% *(*&^%$

&%%&# ^^ @#$ %^*(& #$^&$

Translation: It rained again. This time it was only 7/10ths of an inch, but it was enough to give us more puddles. The first picture is where our peanuts are supposed to be, and the second picture is where our cotton is supposed to be. It was almost dry enough to be able to get into the field tomorrow, but then it had to go and rain again. And again.

That third picture is where our house is supposed to be. See those tire tracks? Thats where our builder drove in this morning, and then drove right back out when it started raining. Again. So much for laying out the foundation and digging footings by Thursday.

Obviously there's nothing terribly exciting happening around here, so here are some semi-exciting things!

We have a water meter...and water! (Like we really need more water, ha!)

The phone company left us 100 ft. of phone cable! (I can see the telemarketers getting excited already!)

We have a mailbox!
Curse you Lowe's for being out of L's and R's! We only needed one more of each!
Here's our mailbox post!
We have our mailbox mounted on the post (with all the L's and R's!), but by the time we finished it, it was too dark for a picture!

And look! We have a rosebush!
The only thing left alive after the loggers/bulldozers/gravity winds/excessive rain! Is it this hard for everyone to begin building a house??


  1. I thought you were learning a new language. LOL
    Well,at least you got your mailbox.:)

  2. Steph, I know what you mean.

    We've had lots of rain ourselves --- makes the trees green and the grass grow. So what happens --- my mower quits. It's in the shop right now.

    I can hear and see the grass/weeds out in the pasture just growing like made. *sigh*

  3. Im sure the rain will go very away soon.If it doesn't stop raining you can move out to Seattle. It never rains here.

  4. We were in the middle of a drought when we built....that is, until the tar paper was on the roof, BEFORE the shingles went on...then it rained every single, stinkin' day! One day before the dry-wallers came, our roofer was still repairing leaks!
    Oh, and then we had the 115 degree weather while I was trying to paint...that was FUN! (NOT!)
    It will all be worth it in the end, though!


    Robin :o)

  5. Hey Steph-the Dogg is taking me to the ARCA race in Toledo on Sunday to see our man Schrader again. I'll give him your regards-okay? Hope it dries up down there soon-it's soggy here somewhat, but nothin' like ya'll got down there.