Monday, June 23, 2014

Smokies Vacation!

We've had one heck of a busy Summer! Between planting, spraying, chickens, Vacation Bible School, meetings, and about a bazillion other things, we needed a vacation! We spent last week in the Smoky Mountains, our favorite place to go! Last fall, we got a great deal on a used travel trailer, and we've been itching to use it. This was our maiden voyage! We stayed at Up the Creek Campground right outside Pigeon Forge. It is very quiet, has a creek, and there's lots of room between sites. Here's some of the pictures from our trip!

 On our way!
Right after we got camp set up, it poured down rain. Lance got soaked. We passed the time by playing with toys and putting puzzles together! 

We had plans to roast weenies for supper the first night, but everything was soaking wet. We ate at Timberwood Grill at "The Island," and Reed had his first ride on a carousel!

The next day we spent in Cades Cove. We picnicked, visited with the stable horses, and saw deer and turkey!

 No camping trip is complete without Jiffy Pop!
On day three, we went to the Rainforest Zoo!  

The zoo is not very expensive, but it has a lot of neat animals. Best of all it's air-conditioned!
I know this pic is really blurry, so let me explain. This is Reed at the monkey habitat. He is holding his "Baby" up to the window. (Baby is a bear blanket, lol). Every time he would hold it up, the monkeys would go crazy shrieking, running around, even throwing fruit. It was so funny!

 That night we rode the trolley into Gatlinburg and walked around town.

 We finally got to have a campfire!
And smores! Or as Reed calls them "marshmallow with crackers." 

 The day before we left, we went to the Exotic Deer Farm and Petting Zoo. If you're noticing a pattern here, Reed is really big into animals! He loved petting the goats. One goat is trying to eat Lance's shorts, lol.
You could go in and pet the goats and deer, but be sure to leave the feed at the gate! 

I believe Lance and this camel have the same expression.
And Reed's most favorite part of the trip, his first pony ride! All he ever talks about is being a cowboy and horses. I have a feeling this won't be the last ride!

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  1. Glad you were able to try out the rv. We love camping.