Tuesday, May 27, 2014

April Showers...

Bring May Flowers!
 I've been hard at work in the yard this Spring! And, I'm proud to say I did most all of it myself! Lance did haul me some dirt in on a tractor, but the rest was all me!

 This is to the right side of the house...

This is to the left of the house... 

This is where the dirt Lance hauled comes in. I fixed these new flower beds with bird baths on each side of the house.  

 My knockout roses are looking great! I was fighting with some dern aphids, but opened a can of whoop Sevin on 'em, lol.
I planted a wisteria in this old cast iron pot and got a new trellis for it. I had to shoo some pests off this plant too, so it's not blooming at the moment.
Now this is what I'm proud of! I fixed these drainage river beds at all of my downspouts (all 6 of them!). Lots of hauling block and heavy bags of river rock, but very happy with the results! Beats one of those ugly brown gutter extensions!
I also fixed some blocks around the 4 dogwood trees by our driveway.
Look at those pretty zinnias! Wait, there's none there, lol. I had to replant the seeds because right after I planted them the first time, it rained about 3 inches. Anyways, it will eventually be pretty!


  1. Gorgeous! Looks like out of Southern Living magazine

  2. You did a wonderful job!

  3. It's already pretty. You did a wonderful job and I love your answer to ugly gutter extensions. I would go and just put some zombies in that box and enjoy them. Then you can come on here and help me with mine. I have plenty of sweet tea!

  4. Steph, before you think I've lost my mind I'll tell you that should say "zinnias" instead of zombies. My notebook and I had a battle over that one and I lost. I'm on the home computer now correcting this. But I'm laughing too, so I hope you will. Zombies? I'm looking for a button that will turn that off. Still laughing.

    1. Do they make a spray for Zombies? Would Round Up kill them? haha.

  5. Beautiful yard!!!! We built our house last year, still lots of landscaping and whatnot to do!!