Sunday, November 25, 2012

Organizing the Bathroom

Or make that four bathrooms. I've already shown my garage bathroom when we organized the garage, so I'll just show the remaining three.

This is the guest bathroom. I have towels below the sink, washcloths, and spare toilet paper in the blue basket. The rest of the drawers stay empty for guests. 

 This is Reed's bathroom.

I have no idea what is wrong with this picture, but I have wash cloths in the basket on the toilet, and Reed's toys are corraled in that suction cup baggy thing in the tub.

Here's what's in some of his cabinets. 

And this is his top drawer. 

This is the  master bath. My sink is to the left, Lance's is over there to the right. 

 Here are some of my drawers...
My jewelry drawer.

This is where I keep my hair stuff. It looks all willy nilly, but it's organized, and having some of my hair clips in those plastic bags keeps Reed from dumping them everywhere! The hair bands are on a round silver thing that keeps them organized, it just doesn't look like it, lol.
And this is our shower/commode area. There is a basket for used towels on the floor. The top shelf has spare towels, and hand towels are in the basket. The lower shelf has two mason jars with cotton balls and q-tips, and the basket holds washcloths.
Next up is master closets!

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