Thursday, December 6, 2012

Organizing the Master Closet

I'm a little behind schedule posting this, mostly because Reed's been sick, I've been sick, then we've been gone. I know yall have been dying of anticipation waiting on this...the master closet!
 We have seperate closets in our bathroom. This is my side.

 My shoes are on shelves on the right side.
My belts hang above my shoes. I have a box of canvas/reusable/etc bags and a box of purses on the top shelf. 
 My clothes are organized by sweaters, long sleeve shirts, t shirts, dressy shirts, and button up shirts. I store my visors and hats above that.
 Behind the door are my dresses because I don't need those that often.
I got rid of some things in my closet, but this is Lance's side, so I left it alone. He does have his clothes organized by color though, so he keeps it pretty neat.
Well, thats it, only one more room to go!

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