Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm a Versatile Blogger!

At least somebody thinks so!

I received this award a couple of weeks ago from All American Family!

It says I have to state seven things about myself, and then pass it on to 15 more bloggers!
This might be hard because I've had to do this twice before here and here, so yall already know a lot about me!
  • I love cheesy 70s/80s movies. My all-time favorite movie is Tremors. I also love Jaws and Caddyshack!
  • I make my own household cleaners. In a few days, I'll be posting the recipes!
  • I hate talking on the phone. I'll talk to a few people, but I really hate calling people. I would much rather somebody call me instead.
  • I'm addicted to the Food Network. I usually have the tv on the news, The Weather Channel, whatever channel the race is on, or Food Network. If I watch something else, it's usually because Lance has the remote. I do watch Glee and So You Think You Can Dance? though.
  • I have scoliosis and had to wear a back brace in the 7th grade. I HATED it. I didn't want anyone to know I wore it. I changed in the bathroom for P.E. which was a no-no, and kids would tell the teacher, but she never said anything to me because she knew about it. It was especially hard when I dropped a pencil. I would have to get out of my desk and squat. I'm sure I looked ridiculous. I remember one girl complementing me on my good posture. Yay me.
  • I listen to Rush Limbaugh. I also love John Boy and Billy.
  • I can't drink coffee. It makes me crazy. I yell at people and jump around a lot. I very rarely even drink Cokes.  When I do, all I do is burp. I especially can't drink Red Bull. Sorry Brian, I can't support your sponsor!

To make this easier, I'm going to choose the first 15 blogs that I follow (that I think might do it, lol)! I'm tagging:


  1. Thanks Steph!
    Wow this is getting hard.What else can I tell you guys and gals that you don't already know.

  2. Thanks Stephanie! (I don't know how I missed this before....lol)

    Don't you already know everything about me? LOL