Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Award!

This award was given to me by Gizmo Quilts!
Here's the Rules:
1. You have to tell your readers 10 things about you they may not already know, but are true.
2. You have to tag 10 people with the award.
3. You have to let the people you've given the award to, know that they've received this award from you.
4. Make sure you link back to the person who awarded you.
This was hard, but here's my list!
  • I took dance lessons for 12 years.
  • My favorite toy as a child was Matchbox cars.
  • I have been to over 100 Nascar races.
  • I pass out when I get poked with a needle.
  • I have a checkered flag tattoo (and yes I passed out).
  • I am afraid to walk over metal grating and stairs you can see the ground through.
  • If there is a mosquito within 100 miles, it will bite me, and then it will swell up bigger than a half dollar.
  • I have a degree in Public Relations, but I hate working with the public. I'll take chickens any day!
  • I graduated 5th in my high school class and gave a speech at graduation.
  • I make a list for everything! Grocery lists, to-do lists, packing lists, hit lists (no, I'm just kidding, lol)

Here's the people I'm tagging. If you already have this award, just ignore me!


  1. "I am afraid to walk over metal grating and stairs you can see the ground through."

    ME TOO!!! I also drag my children around and away from them. They love to walk on them and I'm dragging them away by their arm, saying don't step on those, you might fall through! DH just rolls his eyes!

    Love the list.

  2. Thanks for participating. I enjoyed getting to know you better! :)

  3. Ok, I will play :) It will have to be later today.

  4. Free pain toffer, it is legit. Spred the word (sorry about the pun!)TTFN ~ Marydon