Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've been Tagged!

Thanks to Christi at Life on our Iowa Farm for this award!
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Now, I've done a list like this before, here it is, so it's going to be a little harder to come up with 10 more things!
  • I can't lay in a tanning bed. My stomach breaks out, and I itch like crazy. I can't even stick my legs in, even if I cover my stomach up, it still happens!
  • I have been to every state but Alaska and Hawaii. I'm not sure I would want to fly over that much water!
  • Mexican food makes me sick, especially guacamole! Although, I can eat Taco Bell, it's fake Mexican.
  • I have only caught one fish in my entire life. Wanna know how I caught it? I left the line in the water overnight, came back the next morning and there was a fish on it. I've even caught a lawn chair, seriously, I reeled it right on in! I must be the worst fisherman ever, lol.
  • I have a panic attack everytime I see a snake. I even dream about seeing snakes. I am paranoid when I mow the grass and think every stick I see and every blade of grass that hits me is a snake, and I jump out of my skin. I need help, no really, I do.
  • The only nuts I will eat are peanuts and cashews, I can't stand the rest of them. They taste like I'm chewing on a tree limb. I also can't stand cherries or anything cherry flavored, or coconut! Yuck!
  • Babies freak me out. Even kids like under 7. I don't know what to do with them, don't know how to talk to them, I'm afraid I'm going to hold them wrong, touch them wrong, so I just avoid them. I don't think being an only child really helped matters either! I hope mothering skills kick in if we ever have kids. I'll need like a "Babies for Dummies" book.
  • I've had my belly pierced three times. Two of those times my body "rejected" it. That basically means that my body pushed the piercing out and one day, it just fell out! It finally stayed in about 6 years ago. The piercing is really shallow because my body was trying to reject it again, but it finally decided to stay put!
  • I still wear clothes that I wore in the 5th grade (1995), and I have a pair of boots from the 8th grade! I should really go shopping more often.
  • I've never had a cavity, I've had braces twice (once on my whole mouth, the 2nd time was just on my bottom front teeth), and I still have all my wisdom teeth.

Here's the 10 people I'm tagging (If you've already been tagged, just ignore me!):


  1. Hi,

    You have a nice blog. I'm always interested in gathering details on panic attacks and stumbled upon this It's a well written review.

  2. Thanks Steph!
    Love your list and I'll get busy on mine soon.

  3. stephanie, your list was hilarious! thank you for the award...just got back to blogging after a nasty cold. cool about no cavities. lucky you! you would be good with kids... i don't know what to do with the young ones much either so you are not alone!!! lots of my horse friends are married w/o kids.

  4. Thanks for the award! You are a very interesting person Miss Stephanie, ha! I love your humor!

  5. We have a lot in common...I had braces twice, hate snakes and I don't shop very often (for clothes anyway). Oh and don't worry, your mothering skills will 'kick in'. I was the same way before we had kids. It's different when they're your own. Great list!

  6. Stephanie, thanks so much for choosing me for the award. I really enjoy your blog and spending a day on your farm would be lots of fun.

    I am the same way about snakes. When we pushed down a old barn we were bless with snakes showing up near the house. I was always the one finding them (can smell them). After finding 2 in one day near the house, I ended up in the heart unit with heart rhythms problems. Hubby has to kill them no matter what kind they are.