Thursday, April 8, 2010

So Far So Good...

Compared to this time last year, we're relatively on time with our work in the fields!

We've been able to do burn down on all the fields. "Burn Down" is when you spray and kill all the weeds growing in the field.

We've also been able to finish about half of our chicken litter spreading...

which is probably our neighbor's favorite time of year! *sniff sniff* haha.


And much to my excitement...we've started some "landscaping" in our yard!!

This is Lance disking up the dirt. It was starting to look like a dried up lake!

Then he bladed everything up nice and smooth!

We noticed we had some backyard neighbors, which we carefully avoided...

but Mama Kildee still didn't appreciate the disturbance.

I have never picked up so many sticks in my life! If I never see another stick it will be too soon. Unfortunately I think they're multiplying in our yard.

Take that you stupid sticks.

Then Lance sowed grass seed! He decided it would be better to use the hand seeder than using the tractor, although it was a lot slower, and he is still getting grass seeds out of his pockets.

Then we covered up the seed and are patiently waiting the arrival of our grass! (If the 1.6 inches of rain didn't wash it away today, lol.)

Join me next time for "Grass Watch 2010".


  1. The killdeer is way cool! Good luck with the grass =0)

  2. Yippeeeee for grass! We are still waiting on!

  3. Gonna be a pretty lawn (golf course).

    I would like to send you something, but don't see a contact or email address.
    When you have time, can you email me @

    Hopeyou guys didn't get washed away from tonites storm.

  4. I thought of you when I heard about the nasty weather down there yesterday. Glad you only got needed rain. That's a lot of walking to sow grass seed! Good luck with it! Didn't Henry help?

  5. It sure does look like you are making progress. :) We will not start in the field for another week or's raining here now in ND. Hope you can stop by for a visit.