Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yard "Stuff"

So here's whats going on with our newly planted grass:
It's finally starting to peek out of the ground! We haven't had any rain since the 1.4 inches we got the day after we planted it, so that's probably been the hold up. We got a little rain overnight, so maybe it will speed it up! I know one of these days, when I'm mowing, I'll wish it was dirt again.
In other yard news...last weekend we spent two days trying to do some landscaping around the house!
We used 40 landscape timbers, 46 bags of pine mulch, and 400 feet of that junk you roll out under flower beds!

The beds look exactly the same on both sides of the front of the house. (Pardon the puddles, but hey, at least our gutters work good!)

This is down the left side of the house.

Here's part of the back. I have 4 azaleas that I'm going to plant here if they survive. I got them for Christmas, and I've been hoping they'd hold out until I had somewhere to put them. I think they're gonna make it!

This is also part of the back around our a/c units.
One of these days maybe they'll be some flowers or at least some garden statues in those beds, but for now, I'm still recovering from this! haha.

This past weekend, I had my very first yard sale! We had it across the road at our farm shops.
It was a success, even if the road crew swiped one of my signs off the highway! (I just made a new one and stuck it back up early Saturday morning, they don't work then, hehe).
These pictures were taken after the wife of one of our farm employees came and tried to wipe us out! I thought our yard sale might be over by 8:30, lol.
So thanks to everyone who helped with the yard sale, especially those people who bought stuff! But if you run out of money and have to go to the bank to buy more stuff at a yard sale, especially things that cost 10-75 cents, do you really need to be spending that money? haha.


  1. Your flower beds look *so good! I want your house, ha! I have farm envy =0)

  2. Steph, I just love your house!! The flower beds look awesome I can't wait to see them with some beautiful blooming flowers in them!!
    I'm glad you yard sale went good....I soo need to have one but I am waiting till we get our trim finished and get all the rest of my stuff moved in and put away