Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quick Update!

Just thought that I would give an update on what's been happening around here in the past week or so, but I don't have time for pictures, so those will have to wait! For the past couple of weeks, we've been getting our chicken houses ready for a new flock of baby chicks. That involves a lot of 12 hour or longer days, and thats another blog for another day! Lance finally got a spot in our yard fixed for our garden and I planted a few things last week, but thanks to the almost 4 inches of rain we got over last weekend, about half of it will probably need to be replanted. Last Friday, to make a long story short, my father in law was walking the dog, dog spotted a cat, dog chased the cat, dog tried to eat the cat, father in law ran after dog, father in law slipped and broke his ankle and dislocated his pinky. So thats been real fun. Also over last weekend, I went to the race at Talladega on Sunday, which was fun, but what happened on Saturday was not fun! We had a ton of bad weather and an F4 tornada hit about 15 miles from my house. It hit the city of Albertville, which is where I do a lot of shopping/banking/etc. It is a disaster zone there. Here's a few pictures from one of the local news stations. Today, I'm finally able to catch up on some housework and grocery shopping. I just got 2 gallons of strawberries from a local U-pick, and will be making some strawberry freezer jam. Tomorrow we're getting baby chicks at 8:30 AM, then we're going to start helping our neighbors clean out their chicken houses so we can get their chicken litter! So thats whats happening around here. Hopefully things will slow down soon and I can get back to my regularly scheduled blogging!


  1. I get tired just hearing about it! Glad the tornado missed you. Good luck with your jam. Let Henry do your gardening; idle hands lead to all kinds of mischief:)

  2. Glad to know that the farm is OK (but I'm sure we would have heard about it if How is the grass growing? Can you see the "green haze" yet?

    Robin :o)

  3. We have splotchy green haze, lol.

  4. Wow you've been quite busy.
    Glad that you didn't have storm troubles at home but I really feel for those that it did touch upon.
    Have fun with the chicks & I sure hope that your FIL heals quickly.

  5. Glad ya'll are ok and that you had a good time at Talladega! By the way Caleb loves lookin' at your blog and the mention of strawberry jam on here means as soon as my strawberries are ready I'm gonna be makin' it cause that's his favorite and he loves all the recipes you post on here.
    Can't wait to hear more about your farming operation!

  6. OMG! Fresh strawberries sound so YUMMY!! I was SO worried about ya'll all weekend with the tornados-that was too close for comfort. I hope your FIL heals quickly. My mom's bothered her until the day she died, especially with a weather change. TAKE CARE and put Henry to work will ya if he's back from his road trip. ((HUGS))