Monday, February 15, 2010

Take that Global Warming!

On Friday, Alabama got the most snow I remember seeing since the Blizzard of 93! Our area got 2-3 inches. It started snowing that morning, and how were we celebrating this rare ocassion?

By catching our chickens of course! (for a reminder of what that is click here)

We did finally get to go home!

The snow covering our yard makes you almost forget that its one big pile of mud under there!

Here's some snow "scenes" from around the farm!

So what's an Alabamian to do with all that snow?

Why make snow ice cream of course! We only get it about once a decade anyways, lol.

And then you should make a fool out of yourself on the plastic sled you find in your in-laws attic!

We rode the 4-wheeler around the muddy field roads until we almost froze!
We don't see the white stuff often, might as well enjoy it while you can!


I also want to take a moment to wish a Happy Birthday to my grandmother!
She turned the big 8-0 on the 12th,

and we threw her a surprise party on Saturday!


  1. We had about 3 inches Friday morning. I didn't even think about the garbage can lid, our hill, and all that snow. *sob*

  2. I know you had a great time. We had about an inch here in central alabama. Our sheep just blended in out there but our red cows stood out. My son loved it and now we have a teasured snowball in the freezer.

  3. Wasn't it gorgeous!? We got 3 inches here in Hayden. I couldn't believe how hard it snowed & for the length of time that it did. It was truly not something you see here often! Great pics!

  4. Glad you had time to enjoy it! Love your pics.

    We got 4 inches and the next day most of it melted.

  5. I love that the snow makes our mud look good, too! LOL

    Happy Birthday Martha!!!

  6. Oh how fun!!! You guys got more snow in that storm than we did! I'm hoping we are done with this mess, cause I am so ready for spring!!!

  7. Hi~just out blog hopping..and found my way here. I enjoyed reading a few of your blog posts. Hope you can stop over for visit and say HI....I am a farmer's wife from ND. :)