Saturday, February 20, 2010

House Tour Part Four!

Well this is the last part of my house tour, except for when I take some pictures of the outside, but that will be when there is something out there besides mud! This tour is of the two "brightest" rooms in my house, the dining room and kitchen!

Dining Room

Our dining room has a "farming" theme in it. We have a table that seats ten, and in that far corner, we have an antique hall tree. Hanging on the hall tree is an old cotton pick sack.

Here's our china cabinet with all our John Deere "fine china" in it. There's a stalk of cotton standing in the corner, and above that, on the shelves, are some old fruit jars. In the fruit jars there are some cotton bolls, cotton seed, and some spindles off a cotton picker.

It's hard to tell here, but the big picture on the wall is of a cotton picker in a cotton field. Some of our good friends bought that for our house warming gift. In the corner on the floor (hidden by the chair) is an old churn and a "Taters N Onyuns" bin. (Yeah thats how it's spelled on the lid, lol).

Here's the bar and log bar stools in the kitchen. I love the end bookshelf on the bar. It's where I keep all my cookbooks.
We have all stainless Whirlpool appliances. Here's the microwave, cooktop, and double ovens.
Here's the refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, and the other side of the pass through to the living room. I can watch tv when I clean up the kitchen or cook, yippee.
This log table is in our breakfast nook. I'm still looking for the perfect curtains for those windows.
Thanks to everyone who followed along on our house tour! Its your turn to show us around now!


  1. Love the yellow walls, so cheerful!
    The bar stools and log table are darling. They should last 100 years. Table for 10, that is nice to have!

    Thanks for opening your door to us. I have really enjoyed my tour and every thing is beautiful.

  2. Love the bright sunny yellow! It just makes me wanna smile!

  3. You know, I didn't even see the shelf at the end of the cabinet...there must have been someone standing! Very cool!


    Robin :o)

  4. Love love your home. It looks so cozy and bright. Thanks for letting us see it.

  5. OMG my daughter has that same china cabinet.
    And it was expensive.


  6. love your home. We also have the John Deere fine china and I have a John Deere Pie safe.

  7. Your house is awesome! I love your John Deere!
    Thanks so much for joining my blog. I love to see what other young farmers are up to. My kids have had a blast looking through your pictures of harvesting cotton and peanuts. They've never seen anything like that around here. (Pretty much just corn and soybeans here.)

  8. Such a bright and happy yellow! I love the bookcase on the end - I've seen that in two houses now and drooled with envy!

  9. Oh I'm looking around a bit - to see if there's an update on your breakfast nook (log table) window dressing dilemma. I can't wait to see what you ended up doing there. If you haven't addressed it yet, I might suggest using a rustic colored burlap, or even flour sacks quilted together (to match your farmy theme, maybe with some fabric trim that matches the John Deer dishes?)
    Thanks for sharing your adventures!