Thursday, February 11, 2010

House Tour Part Three!

If you have missed parts one and two of my house tour, please click here!

The Living Room
This is our gas fireplace and surrounding bookshelves. That is actually fake rock on our fireplace. Notice that you don't see any dvd players/directv boxes/etc?? We made a hole in the wall behind the tv and ran our wires through that hole. On the other side of the wall is a hall closet. All of our tv boxes are sitting on a shelf in that closet. We use a thing that boosts the signal of our remotes for them to be able to reach to the closet.

Here's our two couches. They are hard to see because of the glare out the patio doors. They are brown leather and the seats recline. The seats also glide on the love seat. Very comfy!!

This shot shows the pass through between the kitchen and the living room. I really like the glass cabinets overhead. They were my idea!

This picture shows the couch color a little better and also our log end tables. They are from the same place that made our bedroom furniture. If you look at the ceiling, you can tell that we have a tray ceiling. We painted the tray ceiling and the fireplace wall a darker color than the rest of the walls in the house. I think it looks pretty neat!

The Game Room
This is one of my favorite rooms! On our house plans, this was supposed to be a formal living room, but who uses those? I thought it would be a great place to put our Wii and X Box, and I could decorate it with all my Nascar stuff! See that big tv? I won it from Aarons at a race at Talladega in 2005!

I love the border and the blue color. It's the same blue that I used in the laundry room.

That glass display case if full of my diecast cars. Everyone needs to say hello to Kenny Schrader standing there. You can kinda see one in this picture, but there are double glass doors that we can close off if anyone gets too excited playing their video game!

This is the other side of the room (and other glass door). That black blob in the corner is two race tires. I have some rims in the other corner!

The Office
This is our bookshelf that we have full of our books from college, and thats the "bill paying" desk.

This is the desk I'm sitting at now!

It has a closet because this room could've also been a bedroom. Thats an antique mail desk beside the doors.

This is also the least finished room in our house. I want to decorate it with Alabama football memoribilia. I have a little bit as you can see here, but I definitely need more on the walls!

Thanks for touring the house! Stay tuned for another tour! :)


  1. I am in love with the Nascar room! Will you adopt me? I can just come to visit =0) I'll even work in the chicken houses, ha! I can bring a friend for Henry! Seriously...very nice home girlie. I love what you have done!

  2. Oh how fun....I love the nascar room. Looks like a great spot to watch the Daytona races this weekend!!!

  3. Hey Steph, we've seen a lot of things, but we haven't seen Henry. Which room does he use and where has he been while you've been taking pictures? I hope he isn't still stalking those peacocks!

  4. My husband would just love the Nascar room. It looks so comfy for race day.

  5. Love the house tour. I really like the glass cabinet in the pass through. What a great idea!

  6. Love the NASCAR room! Hayesdogg had a Schrader stand-up just like that and his neighbors reported to the apartment manager he was "spying on them" when it was only "Kenny" looking out the window! Too funny!

    I saw Henry and his friends in the KIA commercial during the SUPER BOWL and several times since then. I guess he grew up and left home huh? Were yo happy with the SB outcome?