Monday, February 1, 2010

House Tour Part Two!

If you missed Part One, click here!
Today, we are touring the laundry room and bathrooms!
This is the laundry room.
My washer/dryer are "turqouise sky" Electrolux brand. Oh how I love them. No farm wife should be without them. I also have two upper cabinets in each corner of the room and a mop sink.
You can see the color of my walls pretty good in this picture. This is also the washboard that belonged to Lance's grandparents.
This is my pantry and stand up freezer. The one thing I wish would've been different about this house is the pantry. The laundry room didn't turn out exactly like it showed on the house plans, and the pantry wasn't supposed to be right behind the door, but we weren't around when it was framed, so now we just deal with it.
This is our master bath.
Here's our jacuzzi and fancy window.
This is Lance's sink and walk in closet. I have one exactly like it on the opposite wall. You can see my closet door in his mirror.
I'm decorating this bathroom with "rustic" tin signs that have shotgun brands/fishing brands/etc. on them.
Our shower/toilet area is in it's own little room. Our shower has two seats in it. Perfect for just sitting under the water when you've had a hard days farming. Too bad we can't afford to do that, haha.
This is our hall bathroom. If we have kids, this will be their bathroom.
We have double sinks in one room...
and the shower/toilet area in another room.
I love the decor in this bathroom!
This is the guest bathroom.
It has a John Deere plaid shower curtain
and bathroom accessories.
I've also hung some signs/car tags on the wall.

Last, but not least...Lance's bathroom in the garage!
This is where Lance goes to "defunk" before he's allowed in the house!
As you can see, this is where we hang our smelly farm/chicken house jackets,
and also our dirty shoes.

I hope you enjoyed House Tour Part Two, stay tuned for Part Three!


  1. The house is beautiful! I love all the bright colors. They sure would cheer you up on gloomy days like today with no sunshine.

  2. Love your house and so proud for you. The bathroom in garage is such a smart ideal.

    Can't wait for part 3.

  3. Nice farm.. Beautiful house.. Just stumbled onto your blog from another, and being a chicken raisin' country girl, had to look. Seriously, we only have 21 hens, 1 rooster, 2 goats, some dogs, cats, wild critters and a garden on 5 acres, not real sure how you keep up with the amount you have.