Friday, March 27, 2009

The Smell is in the Air!

Is it a tornado? Tazmanian Devil? Pigpen from Charlie Brown?

Nope! It's Lance spreading chicken litter!

Hold your noses!
Now that is a big pile of poo!

Gotta take a nap when you can around here!


  1. I guess you would get used to the smell.....after a l---o---n---g time...LOL!

    Make sure the new house has WELL SEALED windows!

    Robin :o)

  2. Good gravy. I live many, many states away, and I think I still smelled that....

  3. mmmmm, good the the wind is from the West and you're to the East of Texas. hehehe

  4. It couldn't smell much worse then the ugly, rank fart the hubby just cut-WHEW!!!!! UGH!!!!!