Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bye Bye Birdies...Hello Bristol!

Our chickens were caught last Thursday at 7 pm and Friday at 4 am...Just in time to leave for Bristol! Here are a few photos from my race weekend!

Here's the view from our seats-top row, turn 1!

Do you think Carl can get past inspection with this?

Apparently the economy is also affecting Michael Waltrip. Here's his new hauler!

No tellin' who you might run into at the Red Bull trailer!

Keeping Lance fed requires a buggy this size.

No one cares Kyle Busch is leading, break out the blow up dolls!

To finish the weekend off...Junior Johnson's "Midnight Moon" Moonshine!


  1. UGH! We should have been there!! We missed going this year so much! I don't even have to ask, I KNOW ya'll had a great time! Did your mom and dad go too?
    Maybe next year.......

    Enjoy your "free" time!

    Robin :o)

  2. Just my dad, so we had an extra seat! It wasn't snowing or roasting hot, so you would've enjoyed it! haha.

  3. Thanks for rubbing it in! :p

    Loving the "Mikey Hauler"....lol!

  4. I'm not sure if I'm jealous of who you ran into at the trailer, that you don't have kids and can go to races, or the fact you're outside without a jacket haha!

  5. No kids, but I do have to be out of chickens to go to a race! And if it makes you feel better, our seats are in the shade, and we spent the whole race bundled up with jackets and a blanket!

  6. LOVE the Mikey Waltrip hauler. I quite literally LOL'd!!