Saturday, May 9, 2015

Gettin' busy with it...

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, gettin' busy with it, na, na.....nevermind. I'm not here to channel Will Smith, I'm here to give a farm update!
We've been really busy the past month or so, now that it has finally stopped raining. Now we need some rain! We cleaned the chicken houses out to the ground back in April.

We're still in the process of getting that chicken litter spread everywhere!

Of course, when you clean out, you have to clean up! Lance likes to recruit young help, so he'll only have to pay them in tractor/truck rides.

After you get the houses nice and clean, you have to spread fresh sawdust/shavings for the chicks.

Here's Lance finally paying Reed for all of his help earlier with a spreader truck ride.

We had to move some hay around and everyone wanted to ride.

Then, we finally got to plant something! It was so cool and wet this Spring, we sent our corn seed back and will probably plant those fields in soybeans later.

We did plant a whole acre of sweet corn behind our house and in our garden. Having a 4-row planter sure makes gardening easier, haha.
Peanut seeds are also going in the ground!

It is a very slow go when you have to refill the seed hoppers every few acres.

But don't worry, Wiggley is overseeing all the work to make sure it's getting done.

You have to catch a nap when you can this time of year. Since we plant our peanuts using gps and autosteer, you may see Lance napping in some of our bigger fields ;).

See how dry and dusty it's starting to get out there?

We've also managed to get over 100 acres of cotton planted so far.

Uh oh. Here comes the "boss." Better wrap it up!


  1. How exciting to see you guys so busy keeping the rest of us fed and in cotton sheet! I love peanuts! We sure appreciate our farm families. Get them chickens goin!

  2. I read it all. It was like a power point presentation. the image with some exciting brief explanation. you farm blog is great. Will keep visiting just to enjoy the pics and your stories.

  3. You can't send the chicken litter over here can you? The paddocks here could do with a lift. We'll even give the munchkin his heart's delight of tractor rides!