Monday, April 6, 2015

Young Farmers in the Big City

Last catch up post!
So, last October, the Blount County Young Farmers won a "County Activity of Excellence" Award from the American Farm Bureau. We won it for having "Farm Safety Day" on our farm. To learn more about it, here's a blog I wrote a couple of years ago about it. Our "prize" was getting to attend the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention in San Diego!
Here's a recap of our trip...
One must not venture on a trip without matching t shirts. They say "All women were created equal...Then a few become farmers." In case you don't recognize my good side, I'm in the purple shirt lol.

Our hotel was right on the bay...pretty views of the marina in the morning!
Here's our group that could make the trip. The guy in the middle is Bob Stallman, AFBF President, presenting our award. The reason we get to attend the convention is that we have to set up a booth telling about our activity to teach other states/counties how to host it.

What's a convention without a little fun??

See? haha

Look who we ran into at the hotel? Jack Hannah! We met him at the AFBF Convention in Nashville in 2012. He says he remembered us, but you never know, lol.

We had very little down time during our 3 day trip, so the one "touristy" thing we chose to do was tour the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier/museum. It was pretty neat. We tossed Lance and Chris in the brig while we were there.

I'm not sure Lance would fit in the jet if the top was all the way on, haha.

This was on the deck of the ship. I accidentally ran into that guy in the yellow and said "excuse me." He didn't hear me, mainly cause he's a mannequin, hehe. 

This was the view from our hotel room. This part of town was called the "Gaslamp Quarter."

Thurston Howell III would like to tell everyone we had a great trip!

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