Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scenes from Harvest 2013

Since this year's harvest is winding down...I finally have time to post some pictures!
 We finished our corn harvest in September.
We started peanut harvest not long afterwards in October.
We started later than usual, which was close to our frost date (October 15th), so we decided to go ahead and invert (dig the peanuts up and flip them over) all the peanuts before we picked any.  
When the peanuts have had time to dry after being inverted, the frost doesn't hurt them, and they run through the combine just fine.
 We finished combining peanuts on October 24th.
 The same day we started picking cotton.
This was the cotton in our backyard.  

 I love taking pictures of this barn in our cotton. This year, I took it with an awesome setting on my phone, "dirty window." We have had a lot of folks come to take pictures in our cotton this year because it was so pretty. This barn is a popular spot.
Here, you can see the module truck starting to pick up some of our cotton modules in one of our fields. The module truck carries the modules to the cotton gin. We found out today that one of our modules was too big to fit on the truck. I just want to point out that it was not me that built it. "Ahem, Lance, cough cough".
 This was an odd sight in one of our fields. Lance parked his combine (which harvests grain) in our cotton field. We currently have around 150 acres of cotton left to harvest!
We are also harvesting soybeans.
When we have enough help in the cotton field, Lance sneaks off to the soybean field to pick a while.
It's a very slow go, but we're getting there!
 We were also videoed and interviewed for the "Outstanding Young Farm Family" contest we are currently competing in.
To read more about that, click here.
That's it for now! If you have any questions about what's happening in any of these pictures, check out my "Farming 101" page!


  1. Steph I love seeing the harvesting process in progress. I truly love farming and miss working with my late granddad & dad! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Loretta

  2. You guys are sooooo busy and active. I've never asked you how many acres you farm. Of course, you may have said and I missed it, but I'd really be interested in knowing. Poor Lance! You are so mean! :D

    1. About 1200 acres, plus 30 cows, and 4 poultry houses!

  3. It always seems so busy down there. Crazy to see your photos at this time of year and we are blanketed in snow, shipped our calves yesterday and are ready to hunker down. Honestly, that cotton is SO VERY picturesque. Beauitful with the old barn, I can imagine people stopping for photos.

    Good luck in the contest!

  4. Just got you comment and came over to check that answer. Wow. That's a lot of land, cows and seasonal chickens!
    I sure admire you. And yes, I remember that tornado in Alabama too. I watched so much footage of it and read the results. Always a danger!

    1. I wish we had seasonal chickens, we have them year round, lol.