Thursday, September 5, 2013

Name that Mixer Contest!

 For my birthday, Lance bought me a 5 qt. Artisan KitchenAide Stand Mixer. It is AWESOME.
 I've seen many people who own these types of mixers have named them. I can't think of a name. It may not look like it in the picture, but it is John Deere green (of course!). I thought about John or Johnny, but it sounds like I'm naming it after one of our farm employees, which I don't want to do, lol.
This is where you come in! Send me your name suggestions, and if I pick yours, I'll send you one of my homemade cotton boll angel ornaments! You must be a follower (or I must know you're a regular reader). I will pick a winner this coming Sunday (Sept. 8th). Good luck! :)


  1. That's a really nice mixer and love the color. Here are a few name suggestions: Cricket, LuLu, Maxie Mixer, Emmie, Chickadee.

  2. My Deere Mixer
    Chickie Deere

    Love the color! I got the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer pink one (10% of my purchase went to the foundation). I use it for SO much! You can use the pastry paddle to shred chicken! Cook it (don't let it brown), throw it in the mixer (paddle already down and locked) and turn it on. Start slow and use the splatter cover. Turn it up as the chicken starts to shred. In less than a minute you've got perfectly shredded chicken!

    1. Wow this thing can do everything!

    2. Trick is, the chicken HAS to be hot off of the stove. The shred is so nice and fine. There's some chunks, but not that many. I love to use it to make chicken tacos and quesadillas.

  3. KitcheeDeere
    (Just throwin' another one out there...)

    BTW, because this stupid thing won't log me in as me, this is Kim Lewis. *sigh* Bested by technology again...So was the last comment with Chickie Deere, etc.

  4. Franny or Francine haha that is what my husband calls his JD

  5. It's definitely a 'Katie'. Katie the Kitchen Aide. I'd love to have one of these new wonders (and let me say that Lance knows how to pick a gift!). I have the one that Handyman bought me in the early 80's and it still works fine. I don't feel like I can replace it while it's going strong even though I'd love a big new red one.
    It's Katie. Now send me that ornament! :D

  6. I know you've already picked a winner, but I say name it Joe D. (after Joe Diffie - John Deere Green song). You can say it really fast and call it Jody!