Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Baked" Apples

Before Lance and I married, I had never had "baked" apples. They have since become a staple in our house. Mainly because my in laws serve them at every meal we are invited to (well, not really, but a lot). I have kind of become addicted to them.
 First, you need some apples. These came from a neighbors tree. Or you could buy some at the grocery store. Doesn't matter.
 After you wash the apples, slice them.
 Throw them in a bowl and add some pats of butter.
 Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.
Cover and microwave till soft. I usually check them at 5 minutes.


  1. Now aren't you glad you married Lance? You might have missed out on one of God's tastiest treats!
    I love me some baked apples. And we don't have them nearly often enough. Apple season is just around the corner though, and we can make up for all that lost time! Thanks for reminding, and congratulations on marrying a man who comes with dividends!

    1. I knew I married him for a reason!