Sunday, July 14, 2013

Aw, Shucks: Cooking Corn in the Shucks

Last year, when we started getting corn out of garden, I found a recipe on how to cook corn in the oven. I've cooked corn many times in the oven, but never the way this recipe said to. In the shuck. It has turned in to my favorite way to cook corn! It tastes so good, it doesn't even need butter! Can you believe it?
 First, you pick some corn.
 Pull off any of the shuck that's dangling around, then put the corn on the rack in your oven.
 Cook the corn for 30 minutes on 350. It comes out looking like this. Slightly crispy looking.
 Let it cool (or use an oven mitt) and cut both ends off.
 Grab part of the husk and pull it down the cob.
 You can now unwrap the entire shuck. The silks come off so easily!
 Eat up! It is so good!
Since the corn is able to be shucked and silked so easily, I did an oven full this way and froze it! I'm going to put all my corn up this way. It will be fully cooked when I'm ready to eat it!


  1. I love corn. Now I know a easy way to cook it. I also like grilling corn. Tried that?

  2. Ok, I never knew how to cook corn in the shuck, aside from grilling it! Will have to try this!