Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Good Stand of Corn

Today we went out and checked our corn fields. We started planting corn about 10 days ago. We only got around 100 acres planted before it set in to raining. We've gotten 9" in two weeks.

 With all that rain, we were worried about whether the corn seed had been washed away or drowned out.
 Thankfully, as you can see, we have a pretty good stand of corn. We do  have a few wet spots that didn't come up, and we'll have to replant a few rows up behind our house, but it could've been much worse!
 Here is our official corn spotter at work. "Where's it at Daddy?"
 "See the corn, Reed?"
 "There it is!"

And here's a dern armadillo hole also in one of our corn fields. Well, they're in every field. You don't want to hit one of those suckers with a tractor tire. Heck, I think we've lost an entire tractor in one before.


  1. We've had so much rain here, a lot of the fields have water standing in parts of them so planting is going to be late. I didn't know armadillos had holes. I thought they spent all their time on the highway! :D That's a cute little helper you got there.

  2. That's crazy, we live in the Pacific Northwest which is famous for rain, yet we are just finishing our first cutting of hay because we have had so many dry days!

  3. What a cutie...he is being trained early to follow in dad's footsteps! Hope the rain doesn't ruin that stand of corn'
    Loretta xx

  4. We are still working on getting all our corn in the ground, and what we have gotten planted has only halfway came up....grrr

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