Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Few Happenings Around the Farm...

Tis Spring around here...finally. This has been the Winter that won't go away. Activities here on the farm have been cranking up!
 We've had a few new calves born lately.
 We're starting a new shop building, right in our backyard. Yay.
 If it would ever stop raining, it would probably already be finished by now.
 We did get a small break in the rain to pour our concrete though.
 And we've finally managed to get some planting done. Not much, but some. 80 acres of corn to be exact. I think this time last year, we had already finished the corn and started peanuts and cotton.
Much to the delight of our neighbors, we've even spread a few loads of chicken litter and sprayed some wheat, but I was unprepared and don't have any pictures of that. I'm sorry. I'll do better next time.


  1. I think you are doing a very good job now!!! I love farm life... we worked a small farm when we were younger. Springtime meant new-life and I loved the was the high-lite for me too!! Take Care!
    Loretta xx

  2. Thank you for living the farming life and sharing it with us.....

  3. The memo that said it was spring never made it up here, and the rain just won't stop. We got down to 32 the other night and we have been in the 50's to mid 60's for highs. We won't be having a garden this year because the weather isn't cooperating and our growing season is so short to begin with. Glad you guys are doing well.