Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lance's 30th Birthday!

March 9th was Lance's 30th birthday. Boy, he's getting old, isn't he? Sadly, I'm not too far behind, lol.

 I threw him a surprise birthday party at a local bbq joint. About 30 of his friends and family were there. Boy, was he surprised. I thought I was gonna have to drag him outta the chicken houses so I could "take him out to eat," but I finally got him there.

 This little boy loves him some surprise birthdays. Or maybe it was just the bbq and birthday cake.
 Here's the cake my aunt made for Lance!
 A tractor "disked" a "30" in the corn field (green twizzlers, haha).
And of course, we had a chicken house with chickens (chicken sweetarts painted yellow!).


  1. You had one of my favs there...bbq! That cake is amazing. She is a talented lady. You two are so young! Even a little younger than my kids....hummmmm. Happy Birthday Lance!

  2. Happy Birthday Lance!!!! Welcome to the 30's Club!! Caleb turn 30 this past month and I did back last fall.