Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's Spring Cleaning Time!

Well, it's March. Time for Spring cleaning 'round these parts. This year, I've made myself a schedule. I've assigned days to do different tasks, but not specific days. That way I can do any "day" whenever I feel like it. It might even take two days. I have 10 "days", and the whole month of March to get it done. So, in case anyone else would like to jump on the Spring cleaning bandwagon and to keep me on track, here's my schedule!
Day 1:
Dust fans
Dust Light Fixtures
Dust Furniture
Dust Blinds
Dust Doors (My doors have a design on them that collects dust.)
Dust Stuff on Walls (Pictures, Clocks, etc.)
Dust Baseboards
Day 2:
Clean Mirrors
Clean Windows
Clean Glass Doors
Use Magic Eraser on Smudges (Door Knobs, Light Switches)
Day 3:
Wash/Fluff Pillows in Dryer
Wash Bedding
Wash Blankets
Wash Rugs
Wash Dog Beds/Blankets
Flip Mattresses
Vacuum Mattresses (Sprinkle with baking soda mixed with essential oil, let sit 1 hour.)
Clean Washer/Dryer
Day 4:
Vacuum Chairs/Recliners
Wipe Off Couch (It's Leather.)
Clean Seat Cushions (Kitchen Table)
Febreze Fabrics
Day 5:
Take Out Trash
Wipe Out/Bleach Trash Cans
Change Blown Lightbulbs
Change Air Filters
Day 6:
Clean Kitchen like Normal
Wipe Cabinets/Drawers In and Out
Wipe Off/Out Appliances
Clean Out Fridge/Freezer
Vacuum Behind/Under Fridge
Clean Drains (1/2 c Baking Soda, 1/2 c Vinegar, let sit, Rinse with Warm Water.)
Day 7:
Clean Bathroom like Normal
Wipe Cabinets/Drawers
Clean Jacuzzi (Pour Vinegar in Water while Jets are on)
Replace Shower Organizers (Mine get Rusty, so Aggravating!)
Day 8:
Day 9:
Shampoo Heaviest Traveled Areas
Air Out Area Rugs
Day 10:
Wash Jackets/Scarves/Gloves
Go through Clothes/Shoes
Toss Old Taxes
Clean Out Pantry
That's it, now your house should be clean until next Spring...right?


  1. I love this! It might not happen in March, because my pigs will be farrowing in a couple week and I'll be crazy busy, but I will be doing this list eventually! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! I need to get it done before planting season! Lol

  2. I might have to try your sechedual, cause my house could do with some spring cleaning....I had better get started too, cause it's starting to dry out and before we know it we will be in the field. ;)

  3. I can't wait to Spring Clean!
    It's still chilly in our area so I'll wait a little longer until I can turn the furnace off and open the windows before I begin but I can't wait. I always start in one room and finish it from top to bottom and then move onto the next room but your list great too!
    You know what would be better though???
    If we could just snap our fingers and it would magically be done already. No such luck but wishful thinking.

  4. It’s spring cleaning time yet again! I hope you’re doing well with all the task you have on your list. You’re probably done with all of it now if you managed to follow through your schedule. It looks easy with how you put it. And if one has the right attitude, it doesn't have to be spring for the house to get a complete cleaning. – Dave @ Chem-Dry