Monday, January 14, 2013

National Farm Bureau Convention

This weekend, the Blount County Young Farmers got to go to the National Farm Bureau Convention in Nashville!

The "Farm Safety Day" we held at our farm last year, was chosen as one of the top 25 "County Activities of Excellence" in the nation!
This was our booth. We had a video of "Farm Safety Day" playing on the tv, a sample of one of our shirts, and some pamphlets with information on how to host your own safety day.
This was the group that went, minus a few.
When we weren't manning the booth, we got to walk around the trade show and have a little fun. You can see the fun written on our faces.
And we got to meet Jack Hannah! Reed has no idea who he is, so he is more interested in stuffing a piece of homemade bread in his mouth, but I was excited! lol. We saw him there the next day too. I was taking a picture of some friends with him, when he heard me talking and told me that he recognized my accent from the day before! Haha! He told me I was funny and that he really liked chicken, so we talked chickens for a little bit, lol. Great guy!
Other than it going from 65 to 30 degrees in like 5 hours and having to drive home in the freezing rain, it was a great trip!


  1. Congrats to your Group!

    If you hadn't said Reed was stuffing bread into his mouth I would swear he looked like he was gonna give Jack Hannah a wet

  2. You are looking great!

    I love Reed stuffing his face with bread while meeting celebrities and also love the fact that you stand out 'cause of your accent. :) Makes me grin! :)