Monday, January 28, 2013

Do you see what I see?

A flake, a flake, falling from the, it snowed. Oh yes, it snowed here in Bama about a week and a half ago. Yes, we rushed to store for milk and bread. Yes, all the schools were cancelled. There was even enough snow to completely shut down the interstate just to the west of us for six hours and open shelters! Now I know all the Northerners who read this are laughing, but I've never even seen a salt truck or snow chains! Anyways, I'll hush, and you can look at the pictures of the Blizzard of 2013.

 (If you're wondering why the cotton picker basket is all up in the air, the radiator is out of it. I'm waiting on it to be struck by lightning.)

 (Not sure how Reed felt about the snow. Didn't want to walk around in it or touch it.)

 (This was our pathetic attempt at a snowman. Reed finally took a step in the snow and face planted in it.)
Smile! It Snowed!


  1. Good gravy! HILARIOUS and awesome. I can't see across the yard right now because it's snowing so hard and the wind is 'bout blowing it's supposed to be minus thirty six with the windchill tonight...and that looks like weather I might not wear a coat in. :)

    It looks magical though---very pretty. your house is so gorgeous, and Reed, my dear boy, is getting SO BIG and is so cute!!!

  2. We call that a dusting...;-)

  3. Yes, a dusting that is but one that I'm sure surprised many and brought many a smiles. Every kid needs a SNOW DAY!
    We had another snow day today and we only got a dusting. That just tells me that our state and city road workers must be getting lazy because they should have had the roads taken care of by this morning. The snow came before midnight last night. Needless to say though, the kids were quite happy.