Friday, November 9, 2012

Organizing the Entryway

This week's challenge was to organize the mudroom. Since I don't have a mudroom, I decided to change it to "entryway". Don't have much of one of those either, lol. Here are the pictures of what I do have!
 (Sorry about the crazy lighting!)
This is a wall in the kitchen right beside the door going into the garage.
 We have a billion keys thanks to the farm and none of those key holders that are sold in stores would hold them all. So, I made my own! I took two pieces of corkboard and glued them together and then added green and yellow push pins to match my John Deere kitchen. I printed off a silhouette of a tractor, turned it into a stencil, and then I painted it green.
I have a shelf with some hooks that we use for hats, my purse, and Reed's diaper bag. It keeps them off the counters and backs of chairs.
If I can ever find what I'm looking for, I would love to get a bench with storage to put on this wall. Lance always takes his shoes off here anyways. Maybe one day! Well, that's it for my "entry way!"


  1. Hi Steph, just stopped by to say hello...I've been away from blogging for a while and trying to visit again. Hope you and family have a nice fall weekend!

  2. Looks great! would love for you to link your project at Inspire to organize!