Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Organizing Kid's Closets!

This week's challenge was to organize kid's closets! Thankfully, I only have one kid, so this wasn't too hard!
 Here's Reed's closet!

 I have always stored his diapers in his changing table, so I use this diaper stacker hanging on the closet door for small blankets.

The left side of his closet is where I keep his button-up shirts, t-shirts, and longsleeve shirts.
 The center has his short sleeved and long sleeve onesies. (His pants/pjs/socks are in his chest of drawers).
 The right side has all of his jackets and coats.
 I keep his shoes in a shoe organizer. If you're wondering why a little boy needs so many shoes (or clothes/jackets for that matter), I buy all his clothes at a twice a year consignment sale, which means I rarely pay over $2 for any one piece of clothing. I also have enough in his closet to last until he turns 2! (He's almost 15 months).
 I have two small sets of shelves in the bottom of his closet. The buckets each contain a different category of toys (farming, "baby" toys, musical toys, and stuffed animals).  The bottom shelf on the left contains puzzles, and the bottom shelf on the right has stuffed animals that contain toys (balls and legos). 

Every couple of days, I pick one toy out of each blue bucket and carry it to the living room. Those are his toys to play with for the day. I've found that swapping them out every couple of days keeps him more interested in them.

These drawers on his top shelf contains bibs and burp rags. He generally doesn't use them anymore, but I don't want to put them away yet, just in case. I also keep his travel booster seat, and that basket holds his pool toys. 

This side of his closet contains toys that he's not old enough for yet. Some I have found some really good deals on while consignment shopping and am saving for him, but some of them are hand me downs waiting for him to grow into!
Every night, I make sure it is straightened up before I put Reed to bed, so it never turns into a disaster area. Well, there you have it, Reed's closet!

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  1. Don't you just love consignment! I know I do, it save so much. If we do not buy used then I buy brand new on clearance wrack when things go out of season, for the next year. Old Navy usually has great clearance prices, for kids and adults! Thanks for sharing! :)