Friday, September 7, 2012

Organizing the Kitchen


Organizing Made Fun

For the next 14 weeks, I'll be organizing our house! Yes, I know, right during the middle of harvest season, but hey, you gotta start sometime! It's not too late for you to participate, so go visit her blog! Each Saturday, there will be a new room or space to organize and clean. Last Saturday was the first room, the kitchen! I've been organizing mine all week, and here's the results!
 Most of the kitchen was already organized, so I mainly just went through and spiffied it all up!
I went through the glass/cup cabinet and got rid of anything I didn't use and anything that was broken. 
I keep my paper/party plates on the top shelf, bowls on the second shelf, and plates on the bottom shelf. I keep the plates on a divider. Plastic on top, Reed's plates in the middle, and our dinner plates on bottom. 
 I keep all my mixing/storage bowls and dishes in one section of the kitchen.
 Things like cake and pie plates go in the cabinet above my double ovens.
 I have a glass cabinet above my sink with my fancy glass stuff in it.
And the spices are organized on a spice rack.
 On either side of the cooktop, I have containers that store my most used cooking utensils.
 In the corner, I have an appliance garage where I can hide all my small countertop appliances.
 It's hard to see in this picture, but I made a soap dispenser out of a mason jar (left side of my sink), and thats what I keep my dish soap in.
 My John Deere containers hold tea, hot chocolate packs, and kool aid. I also have a cereal dispenser.
 My utensils are organized with drawer organizers.
 And so is my silverware drawer. I keep Reed's spoons and forks with the straws.
 I keep my cooking pots under the cooktop for easy access, and my baking sheets are stood in a bakeware organizer. I keep all my iron skillets in the cabinet on the right.
 My appliances are stored in this cabinet, and I hung all my measuring cups and spoons on the cabinet door.
 I have a lazy susan cabinet, and that is where I keep all my baking supplies. I keep most of my flour/sugar/etc. in those clear containers, and most of my smaller items are corraled in baskets (oils in one basket, spices in one basket, etc).
 This is under my sink.
 I keep pyrex lids and carrying cases under my double ovens.
 The end of the bar has shelves that I keep my cookbooks on. When my grandmother died earlier this year, I got all her recipes (thats what all that on the top shelf is), and I'm working on putting them in a recipe binder.
 I like to use oven liners to minimize clean up when things spill in the oven. All you have to do is take it out and wipe it off!
 I also took everything out of the fridge and cleaned it.
Last, but not least, I reorganized my freezer using baskets. Top basket has frozen meats, bottom basket has frozen desserts. The drawers in the bottom of the freezer has frozen veggies (top drawer), and bulk bags of meat, such as breaded chicken and fish.
Hope you've enjoyed touring my organized kitchen! Can't wait till the next room!


  1. ooooooh la la! Your kitchen is so gorgeous! Just today I was griping inside myself about the state my kitchen is in---I need to whip over and enrol in this thing! Maybe it will work some kind of miracle. I'm so envious of your organizing skills. Sure feels great, doesn't it?

  2. what a cheerful kitchen space you have! thanks for sharing - you've given me some great ideas (like that cereal dispenser and the oven liner)

  3. You did a GREAT job. I love all your hard work you're doing!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun