Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Organizing the Garage

Week #2 of Home Organization 101 is the garage!  Check out the blog link above for how to organize your garage and to look at other organized garage pictures!
Here's mine!
 We farm, and drive extremely large trucks that only fit in our garage by inches, so our storage shelving has to go between the vehicles. I organized this by tool boxes on top (that bell will hopefully soon be painted, displayed outside, and not on this shelf), gas cans in one area, tool caddies in the middle, and small power tools next to the wall/plug. Our weedeater is underneath because it has to be laid flat and can't hang on a wall.
 Our gardening tools, and a weedeater that can hang are on this tool hanger.
 This cabinet hangs in front of our F250, and can only be opened when the truck is gone, so we don't store stuff that we use often in it. It has things like outdoor paint, extension cords, and one tub has weedeater accessories, one has pipes and fittings, and I can't even remember what the other has in it, lol.
 We have a 3 bay garage, and we do have room for a storage shelf in front of one vehicle. The top shelf I stored spray tanks and boxes/baskets for gathering food from the garden. Second shelf has bug killer on the left, weed killer on the right. Third shelf has small items for vehicles in the tub, and oil/windshield washer fluid/etc. Fourth shelf has garden supplies in the big tub, gloves in the smaller tub, and some gutter parts behind. The bottom shelf has fertilizers and grass seed.
 We hang our brooms and dust pan.
 I also decided to include our garage bathroom in this post instead of leaving it for the bathroom week. It houses a lot of things that are usually stored in garages.
 We have a coat closet inside, but we leave our work jackets and hats out here.
 We store our work shoes in a boot tray. Those two containers on top of the commode are empty. They are for Lance to empty out his pockets in when he is showering out here. I call this shower the "defunkifier" because he uses it when I won't let him in the house, lol.
 This boot tray is where we keep our Crocs. We wear Crocs up to the chicken houses because we have to change shoes when we get there. The trash can is where we keep Wiggley's dog food.
 This set of shelves holds old rags and car wash items. I wrapped an old box in comics from the newspaper and labeled it "car wash". Very fancy.
Some of our spare keys and a spare garage door opener hang on these shelves. Our pet stuff also goes here. Notice I used the comics to wrap another box!
Another room down, lots more to go!


  1. HA! Love the comics! :D

  2. So far so good! Bet everything is in place by now. It always feels good to have a neat space.