Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Bump Update

I know y'all are all dying to see just how fat I'm getting (or maybe not, lol), so I thought that I would share the monthly belly pictures that I've had made. These are just real quick, "oh, I'm actually dressed, hurry take a picture" photos, so don't get too excited, ha.

 This is at 3 months, when I was just starting to show.  I could still fit into normal jeans and even a belt! lol.
 This was taken on Easter when I was 4 months. I actually think this shirt makes me look bigger than I really was, but I was already in stretchy pants!
 This was at 5 months at my friend Elizabeth's shower. She is about 2 months ahead of me, which means she is due in the next few weeks.
This was taken last night. It's my 6 months picture, but it's really closer to 7 months, so shh, don't tell anybody that I almost forgot to take a picture. I can still fit into a normal medium sized shirt, whooppee!

Anyways, I am 27 weeks now. I go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks and will be getting a 4-D ultrasound done, so that will be pretty neat. I haven't been sick at all. I threw up once right after I had my first ultrasound done because the baby wouldn't move and they made me drink a coke and eat a candy bar. Up until about 4 months, I was eating us out of house and home. I mean dang, I was having to eat every two hours, even waking up at 3 AM to eat, because if I didn't, I was feeling sick! I got so tired of eating! So glad thats over with! lol.
 We've got all the furniture in the nursery, and my mom has started sewing the bed stuff/curtains/etc. When it's finished, I'll be posting a picture.  Bet y'all can't guess what we're decorating with! We've also picked out a name, of course we've had a name picked out ever since before we knew we were having a baby.  I'm not going to say the name just yet, I might keep y'all in suspense for a while. I will give a hint though, it starts with an "R". (It's a boy for anyone who missed that post a while back.)  Well, guess thats about all for now!


  1. Ah! I'm so thrilled for you on this journey. There is nothing, NOTHING more fantastic then babies. You look amazing! I'm 34 weeks now and I swear that my skin is just going to burst I'm so huge!

    I can't wait to hear more about the nursery and your baby gear.

    Thinking of you! So much happiness!

  2. This makes me miss my bump... in a insane sort of way. ;)

  3. Your little bump really is growing. Looking forward to hearing more and nursery pics.

  4. What a cute little bump you've got growing there. I'm so happy for you and glad everything is going well.

  5. Well, I am happy that I know the name! LOL It's a really good name too! :o) And I hope the nursery decor is still the same as the picture I saw (your mom had) because I am planning the banner around that!

  6. Cute lil' bump!
    Hope your last few months are smooth sailing.
    Can't wait to see pics of the nursery and to hear the name.

  7. Thanks for listening to my request. You look WONDERFUL and I am almost envious of you (not that I want to go thru that again). Looking forward to more pics and nursery shots too. ((HUGS))

  8. You look great, Steph! This is so exciting...can't wait to 'meet' him!

  9. June 30 2011 Elizabeth pop ed and Elijah Nathaniel was born..Just wait Steph and Lance it will be a BLAST>.. Just get the epidural and you will not feel