Monday, February 21, 2011

A Little Trip to Daytona....

We visited Daytona Beach, FL this past weekend....
 But it wasn't for the ocean...
 It wasn't for the lighthouses...
 And it wasn't for fancy welcome signs.
 It was for the Daytona 500!
 And to welcome back the best driver ever, Brian Vickers!  If you don't know why I'm welcoming him back...check out this article!
 We got to walk around the garage area...
 and little did we know it, but we watched the future Daytona 500 Champion go through inspection!
 We watched some interviews (this would be Darrell Waltrip in some, um, interesting sunglasses)
 and I got to sign the start/finish line!
 Guess what I wrote? I'm sure Brian saw it all 160 laps he raced. Unfortunately, the race is 200 laps, lol.
 Also got to see Brad Paisley in concert before the race!
 The race was pretty good, lots of weird two by two racing, which had never been seen before...
 and a buncha wrecks. One of which was "The Big One" that happened on lap 29.
 Guess who was in it? You can sum up how his day went by looking at the progression of the #83 on the side of his car. Above is the way it's supposed to look.
 Now here it is made with orange tape.
Um, now most of that orange tape is missing...

Anyways, Welcome Back Brian!
And congratulations to Trevor Bayne, youngest winner in Daytona 500 history!


  1. That was a great one to go to! I hope you had a ton of fun!

  2. I would have preferred the beach! ;D

  3. I am so jealious!!! My guy got knocked out of the running early too. At least it was nice and sunny weather for the race....It looks like you have a great time!!!!

  4. Looks like a great time! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, we are headed to the Smokies, Cove, the Tail and the Skyway and maybe down in to North Georgia. Looking forward to it and about to get on the road.
    I can never reply to your comments as it's set to "No reply". You've got to change that girl! :)

  5. I didn't know ya'll were going to Daytona too. Hayesdogg was there from Thursday on and had an awesome time, but YOU got to do A LOT more, esp. with Brian. How did you pull that off anyhow? HD was down by driver intros, but they didn't show them on TV so we didn't see him. What an AWESOME finish to see in person!!

  6. That is really exciting. My boyfriend is from Iowa and is a huge race fan, and i am actually starting to enjoy it more. How in the world did you get to sign the start/finish line. That is awesome.

  7. Steph, they're your in-laws. They're supposed to be suspicious of you :D Thanks for the heads up on the soap. I'm still looking for Zote!

  8. PS.....Do you use the same recipe for laundry soap as I do?